Thursday, April 07, 2011

Good, better and crappy...

The day certainly started out great...breakfast with my friends, Deb and Lori.  We've been meeting almost nearly monthly at 9:11 AM at a local restaurant for about five years for a real breakfast and current event session...current events meaning what's going on in our lives. 

Deb's kids went all the way through school with my boys and Lori's daughter graduated from high school with Tony and lives right next door to me.  I always enjoy getting together with my friends and one fine day I might even remember to take a camera so you can see the three of us. 

Speaking of cameras, I realized my memory card was getting full and decided to download the photos to my laptop.  I got a kick out of them...check out these from Christmas Eve at my mom's house:

I guess the thought of a Phillies' Santa scares the ??? out of Michael?

Vicky's hubby, Jamie...I'm not sure what the Panda is telling him...

 Sophie, my newest grand-dogger, thanks to Michael and Catherine.
 Most of us...
Vicky and Jamie (He doesn't always dress like this, the shirt was a (gag) gift).

 Do I really have to tell you who this adorable little fella is?
My brother, Daniel, and his beautiful bride, Leslie!

There's more but I'll save them for another day.

Now for the crappy:  The washer needs a new pump, which was under warranty, but is something that must be ordered from Erie.  ETA:  Monday.  That sure stinks, and so will we if I don't get to the laundromat in the morning!

Hey, I'm outta here!  Sweet dreams and God bless!

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