Friday, April 08, 2011

I had a date!

Mark was out of town last night, so the boys invited me to accompany them to the local skate park.  Just last year, a unicycle section was added to the park.

There were three of them when I got there,  Andy, Tony and their friend, Dave.  I got out the camera and snapped a few pics: 

After the skate park, we went to the local hot dog shop and sat shivering at a picnic table out front, eating not-so-good hotdogs, drinking diet root beer and talking.  I miss Mark when he's gone but I do love spending time with my guys!

On the way home, I was groovin' to a Beatles' CD when I stopped at a red light.  Andy pulled up beside me and opened his window.  He was groovin' to a different Beatles' CD.  While waiting for the light to change, we sang along with his CD as loud as we could, "We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine."  

The light changed, I blew him a kiss, he beeped...and all was well in my world... 

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i just looked at your pictures and thats crazy. i don't know how yo can balance on 1 tire and going across those boards. thats cool.