Sunday, November 13, 2011


I hope you've figured out by now that when Andy calls, things happen...

Yesterday he called and told me that I might want to meet him in the driveway and while I was at it, maybe I should bring my camera.
I was waiting!  What do you think of this?

And how about these?

And is this something you might want?

Would you park your hiney here?

And would you be impressed with this, or know the significance of it's color?

Does this make you swoon?

Or couldn't you just fall in love with this happy smile?

Yes, you are looking at the BOW  or Bike Of (the) Week...

Which, besides the house on the hill, is the only thing that is older than his mother (according to Andy).

It's a bike circa 1940 in all it's glory and Andy could not be happier!

After we admired his newest acquisition, he invited me to his house to see last week's BOW:

Whatta kid!

Happy Sunday!  I'm off to church while  Andy, Tony, Morgan, Vicky, Morgan's mother and sister are  off running a 5K race.  Yes, they are crazy but I love 'em!

God  bless you!


Kerin said...

It's easy to see why he loves those old bikes; they are COOL!

Enjoy your Sunday.

We're just keeping warm and cozy, and planning a nice Sunday dinner together.

Gloria said...

Those old bikes are a great hobby. Wish I could have one.

Glorious said...

Hmm, I need some transportation, looks like a smooth ride!