Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Invite your friends?

Sitting here on my bed, reading blogs and feeling smug.  Fans!  I have fans and friends I never met.  I have blogging friends who visit on a regular basis, almost as good as stopping by for a cup of coffee (remind me to tell you about my new coffee maker!)

I was feeling pretty smug as I went from blog to blog when I stopped by The Little Brown House where Sharyl was talking about winter coats.  I can dig it, or at least I could until she showed us the coat she bought herself when she got 100,000 hits on her blog in ONE MONTH!

Is that even possible?   I think that if you add the population of all the towns I've lived in, it would not be 100,000.  Seriously...

Seriously, very seriously, would I want 100,000 strangers staring at my family, seeing my son in a blond wig?   Would I mind if 100,000 strangers found out that I cannot swim? 

Nah...not 100,000.  I'd settle for half that.


Hey, I love you guys...all of you, so keep coming back, over and over...bring your friends!

Now since you have read all this,  I guess I need to reward you with a photo...

Now I'm going to see why the dogs are barking...

Talk to you soon!


1 comment:

Kerin said...

Cute picture.

I am content to blog because I really enjoy it, and have always been a journaler.

Enjoy this week :)