Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Okay, Chris, I hear ya!

It wouldn't be hockey without a fight...right?

Mark's family has always been close but most of them live in the same area, visiting was easy.  Our little family was 45 minutes to an hour away so drop in company was unlikely.  We did most of our socializing in the summer at the river or on holidays.

Mark's death was a tragic reminder of how short life  and how unpredictable life is and just  how important family is.  They have all stepped in to fill the void in our lives.  They were there when the boys and I needed them and they are still there.  We get together often.

One of the things we've been doing is spending Thursday evening with Mark's brother, Mike, his wife, Michelle and kids Tori and Tyler.  This past Thursday was no exception.  The boys and I went to their house to watch the Penguins smash the Capitols and to eat pizza.

The pizza was excellent.  We all ate our fill before the start of the game.  We were ready, happy and a family...except...
There seems to be one problem child in each family.  We always believed it was Tony but now we are thinking it might be Tyler...

Of course, no hockey night, no matter where we gather, would be complete without a scrimmage, even if it is Mike and Michelle's family room...

And of course, no scrimmage, no matter how innocently it begins, leads to a good old fashioned hockey fight...

It gets pretty intense at times...
But any hockey fight that ends with the floor being mopped with Ovechkin
Can't be all bad, especially when we beat the Caps, 2-1!

There, Chris...an update, now get out there and hit the trail!

Love you guys, now go out and be a blessing to someone!


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