Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This is my story and I'm (not) sticking to it!

Yesterday evening, about 6:30, Andy and I were working on a 'top secret' project when I remembered it was election day and I hadn't voted yet!

I left him in my sewing room and jumped in my car and high tailed it to the polling place and took my place in line.  I was excited to voice my opinion on the future of my county and joyously anticipating displaying my:

only to be told that they were out of stickers!  How could this be true?  Is it even legal to operate a polling place without them?

I was sad, I was dismayed, I was ticked.  I threatened to take my vote to another location but they pointed out to me, I had to vote there or not at I  voted, which always makes me happy, I jumped in my car and drove home quickly since I left Andy in my sewing room with my beloved sewing machine and serger...

Yesterday was a good day...almost!  I'll tell you more about it later, but for now, there are things that need done, phone calls to be made...

Love you all,


Kerin said...

Pat yourself on the back!

I'm a slacker this year, and neglected my civic duties. We forgot to re-register after the move.

Can't wait to hear what new things you've been up to!

Anonymous said...

Love this reading this blog!