Friday, December 16, 2011


A special day in our family, Miss Morgan celebrates her 22nd birthday!

Morgan has been a part of our family for soooo long now, it is hard to remember when she wasn't.

We loved including her in all our family activities (well maybe when she caught the bouquet at Katie and Brian's wedding, I was a tad nervous)...

Morgan is a real trouper.  No matter what the activity, she is willing to have a go at it!

This year when our family was reeling from our loss, Morgan was right there, tackling all the chores no one thought of, organizing us and hugging us when we needed hugs even though her heart was breaking as well.

 Too bad she didn't have her pink Dyson then, she would have cleaned up after us!

We all love her!

Don't they make a wonderful couple?

Happy birthday, Morgan!  We love you.  May God bless you and give you many more birthdays.

If you see Morgan out and about today, stop her and wish her a happy birthday.  

I'm lots to do, move things, shake things, rearrange things...

Be a blessing to someone today.  I know I'm going to do my best.


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Anonymous said...

Awe Thank you Mom! I love it! =) <3