Friday, December 09, 2011

A lot is well...

Here it is, after 7 AM and I'm back in bed.  Got my coffee and debated:  should I give in and  turn the furnace on?  Should I just take a cup of coffee upstairs,climb into my warm bed,  turn on the laptop, turn on the news and pretend all is well. Is it? 

 So many people ask, I thought you might like an answer.  There is not a morning that has gone by in the past two months that I did not go downstairs to make coffee and have been hit by the reality of it all.  Mark, who made my coffee every morning (and frequently brought me a cup before I got up), is gone.  That alone is enough to bring me to a grinding halt...BUT...

I am blessed.  I lost my partner in crime, my inspiration, my (fill in the blank) two months ago yesterday, but I never find it hard to come here and tell you about my blessings simply because there are many.  I am a grieving, sniveling mess who has the best friends, pets, kids and readers...I lost much but I had much to lose and I still have much left.  I have much because I AM BLESSED BEYOND ALL MEASURE and am always thanful for that.

God is good.  My prayers have been answered.  Not always the answer I had in mind, but my faith in HIM got me here and will certainly get me there, wherever that may be.

ALL is not well but MORE THAN ENOUGH is, and that keeps me on my toes.


The dysfunctional family from House on the Hill is working on a top secret project.  Can't tell, can't even hint, but I'm sure you'll find out sooner or later.  Until then, want to see what is going on at Andy's house?

Please forgive the crappy photos.  I will soon learn not to trust my phone for those Kodak Moments in life. 

He got a new piece of furniture!  No, not a sofa or a dresser...not a fridge or a bed...are you ready for this?


Yes, because he is a 25 year old guy with a home of his own, he decided to move the living room into a spare room and furnish his living room with a ping pong table but before he got the furniture moved, they decided to set up the table...

I'm thinking we won't be seeing much of Tony at home, he loves this game!

I got tired of watching the ball bounce, so I went out to get the guys pizza.  Guess what they were doing when I got back? 

You bet...they were playing ping pong!

But now they had a spectator!  It's Pele!

But not for long, he's not named for a soccer player for nothing...he's a natural!


So, what's new in your world?

Time to run!  Busy weekend coming up.  I'll try to remember to take my camera so I can tell show you everything!

Go out and make someone smile?!?



Kerin said...

You are an inspiration. To find blessings and hope in the moments of adversity and sadness.
Yes.. you are an inspiration.

Love the ping-pong table.

It would be funny if you had a surprise dinner party on it for him :)
With that fun group of yours, I'll bet you could pull it off.
Maybe a Christmas ham ...hee, hee, hee.

deb said...

you are my Inspiration!