Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some things go on, no matter what...

The sun comes up, the sun goes down, ice melts in hot temperatures and my car usually starts...

One other thing happens...Annett's Annual  Ornament Exchange (and food fest).  It's been going on for years and years.  She makes it easy...bring a wrapped ornament...

And some food.  I did not photograph the food because I was afraid to get that close.  Those women are crazy!

I am not sure how many women were there, but lets just say, more than 30, less than 40.  Yes, in her living room! 

Next year if she invites any more, she'll have to rent bleachers!  Every woman gets a chance to choose a 'mystery' ornament in the first round, and can 'steal' an ornament from another in the second round.  There is much laughter, some shouting, lots of kidding and more laughter.

Every year there seems to be a 'theme' to the ornaments, this year it seemed to be snowmen.  There were more snowmen than anything else
Every year there seems to be a favorite.  This year it was a pig. A pink pig that seemed to be the favorite.

I lost count, this was either the fourth or fifth party I've attended.  The past two years, Vicky came too!

I met Annett when she was six or seven.  Her mother, Nancy is my BFF (and my oldest friend). I asked Vicky to take a picture of us together...

Vicky, turn the camera around!  That's what you get when you hand a blonde a camera... that the spots have disappeared from before her eyes...let's get serious...

Of course my mouth was open...what did you expect?  Let's try again?

There, Jan and Nancy, BFFs!

The three generations of girls...

 Vicky, me, Nancy and Annett.  In front is Larissa, Annett's daughter.  

At a time when traditions are many and some are hard to deal with, a night with my girls was just what I needed..

Some traditions are broken.  I have all my shopping done AND wrapped.  Those who know me know that not only do I insist on shopping until the stores close on Christmas eve, but my Christmas eve late night wrapping sessions are legendary.  There have been many Christmas eve mishaps:  I ran out of tape and used Tupperware freezer labels and staples (not the prettiest packages).  

I have also run out of gift tags and either made my own or label the packages with a sharpie marker...or (and this was the best), trusted my memory to remember which package goes to what kid.  The results of that were many post-unwrapping exchanges...

I remember the year Tony (age 5) declared he would shake every package and if it didn't make noise, he would throw it away, unopened because he KNEW it was clothes.  I remember Mark having to retrieve most of his gifts from the trash can since Mark always got clothes!

Christmas memories...what a good thing!

Remind me to tell you about Rudolph throwing up on the neighbor's porch...

I'm so glad you are here!  
Now that you are done reading, go out and do something great!


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Jill said...

You're so blessed to have girlfriends living close enough to do stuff like this.

See, I am still reading, just quietly. (Scrape yourself up off the floor. I can be quiet at times!)