Saturday, December 08, 2012

Crafty woman!

Do you craft?  Do you craft all year around or are you a last minute, Christmas crafter?

I always have something going, usually a knitting project, but I go through 'spurts' of other crafts.

Before I met Mark, most of my income came from cloth dolls. Shortly after we married, I started knitting again, full force.  At my peak, I managed to eke out 17 sweaters as Christmas gifts.

When I was pregnant with Tony, I learned to quilt, then back to cloth dolls, then back to knitting when I decided to quit smoking...

Lately, I've been doing...well, I can't tell you what I've been doing, but I'll give you a hint:  I did it in bed and I used this:

Oh and this...

Don't laugh, you might get one for Christmas...

We have some pretty awesome news in the Manfred family but I'm still waiting for people to come down to earth and give me permission to use their come back, I promise it will be worth it.

Now go out there and be a blessing to someone.  I know it's dark and rainy on a Saturday morning...won't that be a shocker to your victim?


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Annabel said...

I like to craft, but don't always find a lot of time to do it. I sometimes just have moods where I craft for a week or two and then let it go for a while. I mostly make rosaries, though I used to crochetas well.