Friday, December 07, 2012

Did you know...

I first tried to play golf seven or eight years ago, but my knees ached all the time and I was afraid to get out on the course and need a bathroom (and it was so far to walk), so I played very little.  It was okay, Mark was more than happy to take Tony golfing anytime, anywhere...

This past summer, in an effort to increase my fitness level, Tony and I started golfing together.  I enjoyed walking, we got to spend some time together and I did begin to get better...I no longer employed the 'ten run rule' while playing (I was told, by the owner of a golf course, that the ten run rule is for little league baseball...and if you swing a club at a golf ball ten times and still have not gotten on the green, you MAY NOT throw the ball).

I'd love to show you pictures of me doing a victory dance after my hole in one, but alas, there are none in existence (hmmmm, wonder why)...but Tony did manage to take one video:

Go ahead and 'biggerize' it...I dare you!

Love to all,

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