Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make New Friends

Years ago, almost too many for me to count, I was starting out my 'adult' life.  It wasn't an easy time, that's for sure; young  kids when I wasn't more than a kid myself, financial, marital, social and spiritual poverty, life seemed pretty bleak at times.

The one thing that was positive and constant was the friendship I developed with my neighbor, Linda.  For more than two years, we saw each other every day.  We shared gallons of coffee (she had a forty cup coffee pot!), pans of fried potatoes,  pots of Lima bean soup and so many games of Yahtzee that we nearly wore the dots off the dice!

Our kids were the same age, they played while we talked.  I don't ever remember disagreeing with her.  We were closer than sisters.  When her third daughter, Bobbi, was born, my ex and I were named her honorary God Parents.

I was heartbroken when they moved away.  Keeping in touch in the days of long distance rates and no money was tough.  We talked for a while, visited once or twice and then we lost touch with each other but each year, on the birthday she shared with my brother, I thought of her and wondered...

A year ago I was reading the obits and saw that her husband died  (in Florida).  His survivors listed Linda as his wife, but it also listed his daughters as LOCAL. I got online and by the end of the day, had tracked down Bobbi.  She told me her parents had divorced and the Linda listed was his next wife, not her mother.  I also found out that for the past 25+ years, they lived less than 50 miles from us.

Linda and I talked on the phone.  I think we were both afraid to see each other.  Even though we were so close at one time, that time was also such a low time in our lives, did we really want to revisit it?

Leave it to a kid...Bobbi decided we needed to get together.  Without Linda being aware of what she was doing, she took her shopping and out to eat.  After they were seated in the restaurant, Bobbi said she was going to the bathroom but came back with me!

Linda had no clue who the strange woman invading her space might be, I was the last thing she expected, but in a short time, we were catching up on the past 37 years, remembering what made us so close all those years ago, and hugging...

It was a good thing!

Thank you, Bobbi, I know your mother is proud of the woman you became. I am too!

~sigh, big happy sigh~

Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold...

Now go out and be the friend you hope to find.  
I know you will.

Love ya,


NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so happy for you. I tried to find an old friend a while back only to find that she had passed away. I mourn the fact that I wasn't able to reconnect with her. I am so glad Bobbi made this happen for you- xo Diana

Dorothy said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post about the courthouse fire. They say it started at a power sprip where several things were plugged in. I suppose it shorted out, over heated or something like that.

Dorothy said...

'Power strip'! I can't type on this laptop! lol