Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Noelle's Birthday!

It was Noelle's 24th birthday...
Tony and Noelle started celebrating a day early with dinner and a horse drawn carriage ride, remember?
Ron and I met them, Noelle's mother and grandmother for dinner and drinks at a Mexican restaurant (I can't remember the name)...
Noelle, and her mom (above).  Wouldn't you think they were sisters???
Becky (the mom), Noelle and Dolores, Noelle's grandma.
While we were waiting, we ordered drinks. We didn't know how large a large Peach Margarita was...
We could have bathed a baby in it! 
Yum, what a tasty birthday treat.  No one was able to finish the whole drink, though!
Tony, who does not adhere to my 'no blue food' rule, ordered something blue?
Grandma was a good sport, posing with our drinks!
Becky asked the waiters to sing Happy Birthday to Noelle...
They plopped a sombrero on her head, put a dessert in front of her and sang...
and then smashed her in the face with whipped cream!
She said it was tasty, but it took a minute to get it out of her nose!?!
Afterwards, we went to Noelle's apartment for Cake and coffee!

Tony bought her a package of mustaches...

Nothing like a birthday girl sporting a 'stache!
I think it was a special time for everyone...and Noelle said it was an awesome birthday!

Happy 24th Noelle! 
Now I'm outta here, gotta get ready for tonight!
Hope I can stay awake until midnight.
What are your plans?
Have a happy and safe New Year!

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