Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Tidy Home...

Means I'm in the wrong house!
Seriously, I don't do too bad, but on occasion one or more of my bad habits comes crashing down around my ears...
Normally, I spend the wee hours of my day drinking coffee,
 reading my favorite blogs,
checking obituaries from my home town online,
 and planning my next foray into the world of making a mess in my sewing room. 
 This morning, everything seems to be out of wack!
First of all, I slept in until 8:00! 
I love to wake up to a quiet house...not so today.  I woke to the sound of Ron's phone ringing.
It was the plumber saying he'd be here in 15 minutes.
Fifteen minutes to:
  1. run downstairs to make myself coffee
  2. put Linda out to potty
  3. feed Linda
  4. run back upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair
  5. change out of my fleece pajamas
One out of five ain't bad.  I managed to grab a cuppa, drag Linda's bed into my office
 and sequester the two of us while Ron greeted the plumber. 
Thank goodness Linda is a big dog with a huge bladder. 
 She didn't mind waiting patiently for Steve the plumber to leave.

(which he did after relieving us of $366 to replace gaskets on Ron's toilet)
Why did I sleep in?
Yesterday I strapped on my favorite watch...
And joined my dear hubster for a trip to the BIG city...
After a lovely dinner, we headed for the...
 Consol Energy Center to watch the Penguins game.
Our seats, although lower than the last game we attended, had a more limited view...
I came up with this brilliant idea...that they should seat people according to their head size
 and whether or not they insist on leaning forward. 
 Gum poppers should have a section all of their own. 
 Remind me to write to the Penguins with my suggestions.
Speaking of suggestions...apparently the hockey gods forgot that I do not like tie games and HATE shoot outs.
Last night's game, against the Chicago Blackhawks ended in a shoot out and WE LOST!
So, back to today...
Here I was, closed up in this delightful room with my dog...
I started rearranging a book shelf when I found a few cards tucked between books.
One card was from my cousin, Susan, who had been going through some old photos and she sent me this...
That's me, fifth from the left, with my hands (partially) raised.  My first dance recital!!!!
I know...
cuteness overload...
But for now...
Ron and I are going to pick up my mom and take her to Morgantown, WV to see...
This will be the fourth time we have gone to see this musical...
We love it. 
So I must go and make myself beautiful.
God bless you!

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Farrah said...

What sweet pictures.