Thursday, January 08, 2015


You lookin' for me?
Wow, it's been a crazy 24 hours!  It's been bitter cold and snowy here...
Which gave Mr. K a chance to try out his new snow thrower...

Which was kind of fun to watch. 
I'm the snow baby around here, not him! 
And of course, last night we went to

Consol! for a little Penguin Hockey Magic!
But first, we stopped by the Marriott
for dinner.  They have the greatest appetizer bar...
The reason Ron took me there was that the last time he was there,
they had unlimited mussels on the appetizer bar.
I LOVE mussels!
Guess what?
According to the server, they took the mussels off and added mashed potatoes.
Mashed potatoes? 
Really? was good, in fact, it was very good!
Mr. K really enjoyed his!
We had great seats, and it was a sellout crowd!
Now I have to tell you...
My late husband's mother (or my mother-in-law) was such a sweetie.
No matter what the outcome (such as the Penguins winning the Stanley Cup)
you could count on Irene to say, "Kind of makes you feel bad for the losers."
I always agreed with her, and justified it by saying I was not competitive...
Someone pointed out that I kind of was...
And then I realized, it wasn't that I wasn't...
I just felt bad for the losers.
I posted on Facebook, just as soon as we got to our seats,
"I'll tell you right now, if there's a shoot out, I'm leaving. I hate shoot outs!"
I meant it!
It was a good game...
And lots of fun...
But at the end...
It was tied, 2-2.
I wanted to leave, I really did!
But then  I realized, over time might be okay.
I had nothing to fear, Pens lost, 3-2 in overtime.
And yes, I did feel bad for the losers!
Then today I get a text from Noelle:
"Well, I was admitted to the hospital.  I have severe bronchitis and will be here 24 to 48 hours.
She went on to say, "One floor above my grandma.  I'm so frustrated but I know my faith in the Lord will pull us all through.  Prayers greatly appreciated.
Let's go, Prayer Warriors.  Prayers NEEDED!
It's nearly 11PM and I just talked to Tony.  He just left the hospital.  He said she's really uncomfortable.
On the home front, it's 12° out there, with snow on the way.
Ashley's shower is Sunday.  Her best friend, and the host of the shower is on her way from Watertown, NY.  Today the Watertown Daily Times predicted 36" of snow.
Prayer Warriors...can you get on it?
It was a busy day...
Got my nails done...

And my hair cut...

And bought 6 whole chickens, and 50 croissants...
But we can talk about that tomorrow.
So as soon as Tony gets here to give us an update...
I'm heading to bed, pulling the covers up over my head
and saying my prayers!
Keep my extended family in your prayers?
See you tomorrow,

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