Monday, May 02, 2016

Here comes the bride!

Saturday was such a great day,
we went to the wedding of my nephew,
Kyle and his beautiful bride, Marissa!

Don't they look happy?
I can hardly believe that Kyle is all grown up,
married and ready to start a new life with his life partner.

It seems like only yesterday his mom, Mark's sister Donna,
walked up to me and handed me a rose.

She explained that it wasn't just any rose,
but a very special rose for aunts-to-be.

I remember bursting into tears...
this was a long awaited, much anticipated announcement!

The ceremony was wonderful,
The reception was such fun!

Everyone danced, even Kyle's 94 year old grandmother,
who uses a wheel chair, got out there and did the Chicken Dance!

It was so cute...they stopped on the way down the aisle for just one more kiss!

But before the wedding...
Tony posted this photo on facebook...

With the comment that after watching YouTube videos, he thought he had it all figured out...

Hmmmmm...I do remember Mark putting on a tie and tying it,
then loosening the knot, slipping it off and putting it on Tony...

Fortunately, he and Mindy somehow (almost) got it figured out...

I guess you could say they tied the knot too?

Andy and Ashley weren't able to go to the wedding...

So here is my obligatory Locklan/Dad photo...

See you next time?

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