Friday, September 09, 2016

It's Erie, dearie!

A few weeks ago, Andy, Tony and Mindy and their friends, TJ and Emily, drove to Erie, PA to ride bikes on Presque Isle, on Lake Erie.  They invited me to come along for some beach time.  Of course, I said yes!
I got there while they were still out bike riding, so I settled in with my trusty old
I love books, but in the"older days' , I would travel with a bag of books.  This sure is easier on my back.
Soon enough, the tranquility of reading on the beach was interrupted...
by this handsome guy!
Most families on the beach had tons of toys. 
Andy brought out on thing...a shovel!
In a minute, Locklan figured out he was in the midst of the world's biggest sandbox!
He quickly got to work...
Covering his dad in sand...
Andy turned the tables and covered Locklan!
After a dip in the unbelievably warm water...
He was exhausted!
The plan was to leave the beach and stop for ice cream.
It was such a beautiful day and the lines were long...
We all headed for home.
That was two weeks ago. 
I'm still cleaning sand out of my car!
Oh my!

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