Thursday, September 08, 2016

Oh say can you see (our tree)?

A few weeks ago, Andy got a call...
A tree had come down on our dock!
It was late but he went out to check on things (like the boat)!
All he had with him was his cell phone, but he took this picture:
The next day, we went out to check on things.  Ron took this photo:
It doesn't look all that big from here, but it was huge and went over to the neighbor's dock.
Andy, Tony and friends worked one full day, but all they accomplished was bring the brush up the hill
(and getting a whopping case of poison ivy).
They decided that since the diameter at the base was about 36" they needed to bring in the MAN TOYS!
Did they finish?  You bet, and before noon.
Did they have fun?
I'm sure they did, but look who had the most fun...
Page 3 of the story:
Two sections of the dock were smashed; the boat, the platform and the trailer escaped unscathed!
It's always something...

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