Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Let's go shopping!

Locklan came to spend the day with us
(yes, he does that as often as I can steal him away from his mom and dad).
Lately, since his mom is still in a cast and cannot put any weight on her leg,
we get him a little more often.
Last week, he came and dragged all the toys out...
And found his favorite truck, a wooden flat bed tow truck that  I brought home from New York...
The grass was too wet to play outdoors without rain boots and he had outgrown his...
So Pappy and I decided to go to Rural King to look for new boots.
Rural King has two things that makes it appealing to Locklan,
 a popcorn machine and kid sized shopping carts!
Before we could get him out the door (they didn't have any boots in his size),
he threw his bag of popcorn in the tiny shopping cart...
And away he went, through the store, stopping occasionally to squat down and get a closer look at things...
Finally, Pappy scooped him up and we headed to Wendy's for lunch.
Not just ANY  Wendy's...
The Wendy's across the street from a huge construction site.
As long as we got a table next to the window, he'd stay there all day if we'd let him!
At one point, while we were waiting for Ron to get our lunch,
Locklan found my wallet,
He unzipped it, pulled out a dollar and started shouting for Ron.
"Pap!  Pap!"
He wanted to pay for our food!
One more stop on the way home...
Pappy bought Locklan a plastic pumpkin.
As soon as we sprung him from the car seat, he decided he could walk up to the door himself...
I can't believe how grown up he acts!
Of course, he had to stop and ride the doggy...
This dog statue sat on the front porch of Mark's parents for a long time.
When they passed away, Mark brought it home.
This is the third house I've lived in that was guarded by this silent dog!
We came home without boots...
But we had a ball!

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