Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Do you love books as much as I do?

I recently joined an unconventional book club.  We don't read together, we never meet...

We just love books and getting books in the mail!

Here is the Facebook post that got me interested.  

WANTED: Participants for a book-loving social experiment.
 Comment if you want to participate and I’ll send you details.
 What do you have to do? Buy your favorite book and send it to a stranger
 (I’ll send you a name and address.)
 You will only be sending one book to one person.
 The number of books you will receive depends on how many participants there are.
 The books that will show up on your door are the other people’s much loved stories. 

If you're interested, respond on here and I'll get you started! 

#SaveTheCulture #BookExchange

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