Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Call of the Wild...

I'm having a terrible time sitting here, typing, when the sun is on my back!

It's going to be in the 70's again today...but with a chance of thunder storms this afternoon!

That brings back memories of the LAST thunderstorm...

The one where I had a trembling, drooling, whining Corgi on my lap,
right beside a scared, clutching two year old,
who was scaring the jeebers out of an old Basset Hound who just wanted peace and quiet!

I wanted to get up and google places that never have thunder storms. 
Especially since I am afraid of them too. 

(This is TMI, but when I get scared of nervous, I get the poops.  This was so common that my family began rating storms by my trips to the bathroom: 
 "Wow, that was a bad storm last night; I think it was a three pooper!"
 or "They are predicting a bad storm tonight, maybe even a five pooper!)

I finally figured out what to do with Winnie...

And Locklan soon settled down...

But Shirley was having a terrible time!

I researched, asked, investigated...

I was finally advised to buy a...


Since storms were predicted again the next day, I headed to PetSmart to purchase one for $40.

Forty dollars!  I won't even pay that much for a shirt for me (just kidding, you know I would!)

Did it work? could say it did.  We never got another thunder storm,
which is why we don't have a photo of Shirley wearing it!
Now, back to what I was saying...
It's now 74 according to my desk top thermometer. 
I have a load of laundry to do...
I need to sweep the dog hair into submission in the family room...
I need to sweep the leaves out of the garage (how to they get there?)...
I need to organize my schedule for the rest of the week (and Easter)...
I have three quilt tops ready for basting...
Two ready to quilt...
But will I?
Probably not. 
The sunshine is calling!
On the other hand,
Andy and Locklan came over yesterday.  Since it was raining, Andy put Ashley's car in our garage and did some maintenance (it's all Greek to me).
Locklan helped!
 It's so much fun to see him imitate us!
After a while, he came upstairs to eat. 
When his belly was full, he asked for a blanket!
Not that comfy, but he was happy!
Okay, I'm feeling guilty. 
I need to get something done.
See you next time!

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