Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The things we do so we don't have to do things!

Oh the things we do when we are avoiding doing something we really don't want to do...
Take me, for example. 
While ironing (shiver in horror), I began wondering...
How long have I been completely sugar free?
118 Days!
I found this great ap that calculates time!
There's no stopping me now!
How long have Mr.K and I been married?
(only) 1224 days?
How many miles have I put on my
Since Mr. K decided I she and I were kindered spirits in July?
Roughly 10,000!

I have not had a cigarette for 4089 days!
Today Locklan turns 786 days old...
How old am I?
24, 012 as of this afternoon...
No wonder I need a nap!
On the other hand...
Things have been rather pleasant around here.
After church on Sunday, Mr. K and I jumped in my car
(top down, of course)
And headed up-river for a late lunch.
We stopped at camp and then hit the highway,
basking in the sun,
when all of a sudden I caught sight of me in the rear view
To my horror, I saw that I had
Trump Hair!!!!
But the day ended happily with ice cream with the kids...
Locklan was coming to stay with me yesterday.
Andy said they were bringing something special!
Yes!  A sand box!  Andy even filled it with sand although
by noon, I thought we might run out of sand.
I spent most of my afternoon sitting on the edge of the patio filling the dump truck from a bucket.
Notice that neither of these photos shows his face?
I don't think he looked up from playing most of the day!
Well, it wouldn't be right for me to sign off without a warm-n-fuzzy photo.
How's this?
Remember the quilt I made from Mark's shirts?
The story is HERE!
Locklan calls this quilt Pappy Mark's Airplanes!
If that isn't enough...
I came across this photo the other day...
Aren't they funny?
Hey...have to get busy!
Until the next time,
God bless ya!

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