Thursday, November 16, 2017


Locklan and I try to visit my mom every week.
It's about an hour drive, we sing the whole way there!
On the way home,  I sing and he...
Usually snoozes.
A few weeks ago (when my mom was only 85)
Locklan and I went for our usual visit. 
Tuesday with Toots (our family nick-name for my mom).
I don't know who likes to play with Play-Doh more,
Mom or Locklan...
They had a blast!
After turning Locklan over to his parents,
Mr. K and I went out to eat.
I didn't even start my meal when I got a call from my mom's neighbor.
They had rushed my mother to the hospital in severe pain.
I went flying to the hospital, which is more than an hour away,
To find that they thought Mom had a bowel obstruction.
They put in a NG tube and admitted her to intensive care.
The next day, they said she needed surgery but she also has
a bone marrow issue and they were hesitant.
They wavered back and forth and finally, on Friday, they got the approval of her oncologist
 and scheduled surgery.
Turns out she had four hernias!
A little more than 4 hours later, they had repaired three. 
Long story short,
After 11 days in the hospital (even her 86th birthday), most of them in ICU...
They transferred her to a rehab center
(The same one she stayed in when she fell off the ladder and broke a bunch of bones
just not her hip...and that was 10 years ago, when she was only 75.)
for two more weeks.
She's home now, doing well,
She kept us hopping for a while.
Now, hopefully, we'll be able to take a quick breather before the wedding frenzy starts...
Don't ask me what I'm wearing for that...
Never a dull moment!

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