Wednesday, June 12, 2019

April Looked Kind of Like This:

As I was waking (way too early) this morning, I realized it was June and I probably have things about April to talk about!...

Uncle Tony bought someone Knex.  We had an ongoing project on top of the china cabinet for weeks!

Someone  decided he needed a tattoo so he gave himself one!

We had a birthday in the family so we gathered, as we usually do, over pizza!

Mom got to hold Henry for the first time since Christmas.

And here is our very own birthday princess.
Teagan turned one!

Yes!  I made her t-shirt.  I'm finally learning to use my Silhouette!

I also made these...Henry's says "Will trade cousins for jelly beans."
Locklan and Teagan's says "will trade brother/sister for jelly beans."

You would think that with all those years photographing children, I would have managed a decent photo of these three...

Of course, Henry and Locklan love each other!

In April, Locklan and I decided to make our Thursday night sleepovers adventure Thursday.

We went camping!

I bought an inflatable bed, we set it up in the living room,
used the electric logs as our camp fire, read our story by flashlight and 
giggled and snuggled!

Also in April, Henry (aka Hank the Tank) celebrated 5 months.

 I continued to spend as much time with these kids as possible...

 And this became the usual Friday morning here!

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