Wednesday, July 24, 2019

I Got Mugged!

The day before my birthday,
 I humbly appeared before my CRNP
for my yearly check up.

That's when they reminded me that it's now called an
Annual Wellness Visit.

made me feel old...

Ha!  Fooled them, I AM old.

I abhor wellness checks.  I put them off as long as I can
(this year it was 2 extra months)

I worry...I toss and turn...I know the routine and for the most part, accept it as necessary.

There are two things that go on during that wellness check that I worry about:

They will accidentally tell me what I weigh...

And a memory check.

It's been ten days and I can remember the three words she asked me to remember:
orange, sofa, cinnamon.

Why do I remember them now, and will remember them all year, but was almost unable to answer her questions because I was repeating and re-repeating them in my head?

Not only did I ace that test, I was able to draw a clock face with the hands pointing at 11:45!

The bonus:

Beth, my CRNP gave me this for my birthday!

I've been mugged!


Susie said...

That's a good way to get mugged. LOL. Good for you getting your check up. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Martha said...

I'm still trying to remember the six words on the white board at the therapist's office. Every time I think of the sixth word, I lose one of the other five... if I can think of that many. I would write them down but when I do remember them, I'm usually driving. Love the mug!