Friday, July 26, 2019

What day is it?

Oh my!

This is a day I could celebrate until the cows come home!


I was blessed with almost a million...or close

My dad was one of 12...

We can't figure out when this was taken...
or even why I have it.

This is when they were only 9...

Sadly, there are only 2 left,
the two beauties top and center. 
That's my dad beside them.

That family gave me a total of 22 aunts and uncles.

My mom was one of 9.

I know there are photographs of almost all of them together...
but of course, I can't find it!

Here's a photo of the last 3...

That's the three babies of the family, My mom on the right.

That family blessed me with 

TEN aunts and uncles!

32 all together!

Oh my goodness, the laughter, tears, hugs and help...

I might add, it's 68 years of being a niece.

Wow, I'm blessed!


R's Rue said...

You are blessed.

NanaDiana said...

You really are blessed, Jan. My dad was one of 10 but only 7 survived into adulthood. We were close to them and it was wonderful growing up in that family. I love your family pictures. xo Diana