Friday, August 02, 2019

Ending July With a Splash

Wednesday afternoon I went to have my surgically improved eye checked.

From day 2, I was wearing a contact in my right eye so I could read.

Dr. B had set my distance vision perfectly.

Blind no more!


They asked me to remove my contact.

I had no glasses with me AND they dilated my distance eye.

I WAS blind.

My phone started vibrating.  I couldn't see who was calling!

I was pretty tired of sitting there alone, not able to see much...

I answered it!

Good thing.  It was Andy asking telling me to meet them at the park for a pizza dinner!

So after a quick dinner of pizza and bread sticks,
we got to the real reason for being there...
Throwing Rocks!!!

Walking in the water with our shoes on...

What fun!

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