Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

On Saturday, Mr. K and I were eating dinner when I got a call from Andy:

Camp.  Tomorrow.  Boat leaves at 11.  Be there.  Bring your own sandwiches.

So we went.  We brought sandwiches.  Boat didn't leave until 11:30 but we left,
that's what is important.

We haven't used the boat much.  With all the high and very fast water,  crappy weather
and a damaged dock, we had to pull the boat out and
 keep it in the yard.

By time we got there, Andy's friend Cody had it hitched to his truck, ready to take it to the launch.

Once it was in the water...we were ready to load and leave!

First the sunblock.  Andy really knows how to grease those kids up!


Teagan wasn't sure she liked wearing a life jacket

"Uncle" Cody bought a new raft for us.

He got to try it out!

 Andy did his best to throw him off!

He finally did!

Locklan loves the water, so does Teagan but she likes to eat even more.  

We pulled over to have our lunch...

Andy jumped on...

Locklan brought his lunch and joined him.

He and Locklan had a ball!

Locklan spent an hour or so jumping off the boat onto the raft, pretending he was going out on a river rescue!

He rescued Cody!

And Dad!

Teagan loved the water!

She wasn't all that keen on the life jacket...
But she squealed and laughed when Andy dipped her into the water!

What a fabulous day!

 But the yawns started...

And the eye lids slowly closed...

And we headed for the dock...

Where Locklan declared he was starving...

Two hours later I got a text from Ashley saying Locklan, Andy and Teagan were still asleep.

She sent this photo...

What a day!

What fun!

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