Sunday, June 28, 2009

October is always such a colorful month

and usually starts out with the most brilliant blue skies and perfect temperature. I grabbed my camera and hit the roads, photographing things that caught my eye:

I must have spent HOURS and HOURS, driving around, snapping my shutter! Both driving and photographing are therapy for me.

Kailyn, who always plans things ahead of time, bought her cat, Deore, her Halloween costume"

Deore wasn't fond of it, I don't think she wanted to be a lady bug, so she did her best to get out of it:
And when she did, she made sure her mommy wasn't going to try to put it on her again:
The cooler air made the dog feel frisky for a few minutes right before they went into hibernation for the winter. They felt obligated to hunt those renegade leaves and twigs. Linda obeys when you tell her to drop things. Bill seems to have a problem:
In mid-October, I was driving down the road and....OH OH!
Something hit my windshield!

What was it?

Yes, it was Bill! No, he's fine, but ouch! I had to step on the brakes quickly and he came down, between the seats and wacked the windshield. Not so sure the insurance company bought that story, but they did replace it.

The small town where we camp has a scenic train ride on weekends. When we see it pass, we always run out and wave. Usually people have their cameras ready and snap photos. Some time I surprise them and photograph THEM!
We decided to take the last train ride of the regular season.

They do have a winter run in December, but brrrrr! Mark, Andy, Kailyn, Tony and I got to go. Morgan was at work.

The town where the railroad is located has a population of 55 (today, 54 last week!). One of the cutest things was this couple, sitting at the beginning of town.
Also in October Tony was in a golf tournament with his college team. He came in second overall which brought his team in at second place. He was tickled even though the huge trophy stays with the school. How lucky is this kid who's mother had a golf trophy ready and waiting for him when he got home:
Oddly, he wasn't around in 1958, the year on the trophy. In fact, his mom was in grade school! The wonders of ebay!

Also in October, wedding preparations were in full swing! Kailyn's attendants had a shower for her:

She got so many beautiful things, and was beaming when Andy showed up later:

The tulle veil was the wrapping for a gift from Kailyn's aunt. I wish I had gotten a photo of the wrapped gift, it was beautiful and what a great idea!

Andy also had time for a hug for his sister and his cousin, Katlyn, who will be a junior bridesmaid in the wedding.

We also heard that the city had torn down the house Mark and I bought before we were married. They are expanding the base-ball park behind the house. Tony and Michael wanted to see:
You can see the baseball field in the background. It's a beautiful park.
They found some of Tony's pogs, a few legos and one jeep matchbox car. I put them in a jar as our time capsule!

Lastly, I suppose it would be Halloween...and we really don't celebrate it. I love to buy pumpkins to use in decorating, but we don't even get trick or treaters up here on the hill!

Whew...still with me? Come back tomorrow for November, which will be restful, I promise!

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