Friday, June 10, 2011

It's summer again!!!!!!!!!!!

Jet skis, bicycles and of course unicycles.  All part of the Manfred summer. 

Last Saturday morning, Mark and I were sitting at the river when he got a call from Andy, my middle son. 

In celebration of the completion of another segment of the Rails to Trails, a group of 30 bicycles and 2 unicycles rode from Butler, our home town, to Freeport which is just across the river from Schenley, our river home.

Freeport has a great riverside park with a gazebo and they were there to have a pizza lunch.

Mark and I jumped on the jet ski to zip over to say hi.

This is what you see when you ride behind Mark on a jet ski!

The gang was at the gazebo, waiting for their pizza.

Andy and friends came down to the shore to greet us.
Andy(far right) and Dave (orange shirt) not only rode their unicycles to Freeport and back, but when they got back home, they kept riding until they rode a total of 50 miles that day!  Oh, to be young again!

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