Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home, home on the...river!

Here in Schenley,
We live in travel trailers all summer, but it's the custom to build out buildings that can hold all kinds of stuff...water skis, life jackets, bunk beds, and if you have a larger than life husband who has a tough time fitting in the trailer shower, a full size bathroom!  Yes, they are occasionally  usually normally pretty much bigger than some of the trailers and twice as nice...but we are in Schenley!

The first year we were here, we gathered materials, saved money and drew up plans.  Last year Mark took off the week after July 4th to build our out building.

Before you start feeling sorry for him, he loves it!  He loves building things, he loves being on the river and most of all, he loves getting all dirty and sweaty and then jumping in the river to cool off.

When the boys had a break in their work schedule, they came to help.  The day Andy was here, the heat was oppressive.  I brought out cool wash cloths for them to use.  Mark seemed to enjoy his!
It was hard work in the heat, but it seemed (to me who showed up to take photos every few days) to go quickly.
Tony came out too!
Part of the plans for the interior included a bathroom.  Arranging it took much discussion.
Finally!  It turned out so cute!  One of our friends calls it our Taj Mahal. 
Mark did such a great job, not only finding the materials (you can't see the green metal roof in these photos), but the work he did was first class.  Now we're like regular Schenleyites!

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