Saturday, June 18, 2011

McDonalds invasion!

My father's family was huge...12 kids all with families.  Only four of the 12 kids are still with us; my dad's four sisters.  We still have a family reunion every other year, but smaller, impromptu reunions happen all the time.

A few weeks ago, my cousin Susan, her daughter and granddaughter were in town for a few days.  She called to get as many of us together as she could.  Where?

Where would you take a dozen or so crazy relatives at 10 AM on a Saturday morning?
McDonalds, of course!
 There's me and my mom in the middle of this photo?  Doesn't she look great?  She'll be 80 in October.  My cousin Ed says she would make a great biker chick.  Can't you just see her on the back of a bike?
 If you were at Mickey D's that Saturday morning (and I did run into old friends), I apologize for the noise, but I'd do it again, every Saturday morning, in a heart beat!

PS, Thanks, Stacy for the wonderful photographs!

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