Friday, June 24, 2011

Ye ol' swimming hole...

Yesterday I had a rare treat:  A visit to my brother at his house!  Usually they are busy, our schedules don't mesh that often and we see each other at my mom's house more often than in each other's homes.

Visiting Dan and Leslie's house in the summer is always special.  Leslie works in a green house and loves anything green or growing.  All spring and summer, she works on her flowers and  garden, it's always changing.

They also live on a (usually peaceful and quiet) creek...

that has a great swimming hole.  Add to that two big dogs that love to swim and a young lady who is more fish than human and you have an old fashioned summer afternoon!!!

 After the dogs wore Katlyn out swimming, they came up on the bank so Dan could play with them.

They have kittens too!


What a wonderful visit.  I love my brother and his family...wish we could visit more often!  See ya soon, Dan, Leslie and the Kat!!

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