Monday, December 12, 2011

If you could see me now...

Sitting here on my bed, my cat, Race Car, snuggled up beside me.  I'm wearing flannel PJ's, a robe and the biggest smile I've had in a long time.

I'm thinking about yesterday...

Riding to church in the middle of the bench seat in the pick up, flanked by two of my most favorite men:  Andy and Tony.

Standing in church with Andy, Tony, Morgan, Vicky and her friend Bonnie, singing with all my heart, tears flowing.  I remembered something the pastor of my late father-in-law said at his memorial service.  He talked about all the weeks after my mother-in-law died, how Dad would come to church, sit in his customary right-front seat, listen to every word Pastor Tim said and cry.  Every week.  I didn't understand then and now I do.  The tears are not bad things, they are simply a statement.  Your eyes translating what your heart is saying.

Those who loved much have much to lose.

The message was about Hope.  Hope!  Hope.  Hope.  I'm not going to start talking about it here and now, this is not the time or place, but HOPE is a wonderful gift.  I reached out and grabbed it with both hands and am hangin' on for dear life. 

Feels good.

After church, Andy, Tony, Morgan and I went to Panera for bagels and coffee.  The bagels were good, but oh my, the new cream cheese, cranberry something???  is to die for (not literally).  Next trip, I'm going to order just the cream cheese and a spoon.  Yum.

Sitting there, we got to talking about the things Mark did.  He was quite a character, you know.  Like when we were standing in front of the White House and he stopped a woman and asked if she knew how to get to the White House.  She kept trying to turn him around to see that it was right behind him and he kept asking what left handed streets he should take.  Finally he turned and pretended to be shocked and she was delighted that she helped this out of town idiot find our president's home.

Or the time he told one of his sisters that Lake Authur in Moraine State Park was the only lake in the state that had unlevel water, that it sloped from south to north!

How about the time, right after they started dating, he sent Morgan out to buy Tony left handed golf balls since he played left handed...

What a character, what a tough act to follow, what precious memories.  Can't imagine being left behind without them.  What a gift!

I got to spend the rest of the day with another one of my favorite and most handsome oldest son, Michael!  We hit up the mall (where we got the last parking place in the state), looked at everything and bought very little, and stopped for a delicious and leisurely dinner on the way home. 

Six hours of walking and talking...what a special time that was for me.  We don't live all that close, he has such a busy schedule, a wife and family (if you can call a dog and cats family - they do), and so we frequently make phone conversations do instead of visits. 

Today's schedule includes a dinner at the church with Vicky.  My friend, Melody will be the speaker.  I can't wait!

I know that I can't leave you without a here's one of my family taken about two years ago...and shows just how silly we are...

Now I'd like to stay and chat all day, but I have to figure out what a casserole is and then make one!

Have a wonderful day, be a blessing to someone, buckle up when you go out and come back!  I love company.

God bless you,

PS...according to blogger, this is my 150th post.  Celebrate!

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