Monday, December 08, 2014

Celebrate that anniversary...

And we did...we had a wonderful dinner at Lidia's,
and then went to see the Christmas exhibit at
I tried, to share with you guys, and to serve as a remembrance of our first anniversary,
 to take a selfie of us...
First try:
That's me on the left, and of course, you recognize Ron, on the right.
Second try:
Clearly, Selfies are for the very young...
But we persevered...
and I present, for your viewing pleasure, anniversary attempt #3
Oh well...
It was raining, we were soaked (check out my hair...It did some pretty strange things), 
 we had much to celebrate!
Speaking of celebrating,
Let's all go out and be a blessing to someone. 
God bless all y'all,

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