Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Officially official

Last Christmas was officially our first Christmas as a married couple, but because Mr. K was in the hospital until 3PM on Christmas eve, we did no decorating.  The fact that I managed to buy 3 or 4 gifts in the weeks before Christmas was amazing enough.
Because of that, THIS CHRISTMAS is officially the (un) official first Christmas for Mr. and Mrs. K; the first Christmas in our new (to us) house and the first Christmas Mr. K. will celebrate as the
 step-father of an English Mastiff.
Since we're old, we take it slowly.  First out comes Mr. K's Santa:
Next, I come home with a poinsettia:
Then comes the pretty wreath at the front door:
And I ooze into decorating inside with a small tree (as of this minute still undecorated) in the entrance hall:
Next thing you know, the UPS man is bringing a big mystery box:
That Mr. K leaves for me to open, even though it's addressed to him!
Yes, I use that steak knife and inside I find this:
A lovely box of chocolates from the law firm Mr. K. does business with!  Yum-oh!
Drag my feet, I did, but we needed a tree.  Not a big one, just a tall one.  Not a real one...
the  Roomba would choke to death on the needles of a real tree...
Nothing complicated, something simple. 
Nothing too colorful, something tasteful.
Nothing too difficult to assemble, or too heavy to carry.
Finally, I found a tree that seemed to fill all those requirements...
And I bought it, dragged the box to my car (thank goodness there are no photos of that), put it in the back of the Kia (again, NO PHOTOS) and brought it home.
That's when I realized I was too old tired weak  PETITE! to carry it up the stairs from the garage, so I left it in the car and even took it on a little adventure...and it rode along with me to church on Sunday.
Finally I bribed allowed Tony to bring it in the house.  That's when I found out that even though it was in three pieces (ONLY THREE PIECES) it was a little more complicated than I was prepared to handle. 
Come to the rescue, Tony and Noelle! With a college educations, a lot of common sense and a few muscles, they managed to stand it up and fluff up the branches.  Ron, my dedicated husband and near genius, managed to figure out that the cord was not long enough to reach the outlet. 
Finally...the tree! 
I was exhausted, so was Linda...
Tony and Noelle, recognizing my weakness, gave me an early gift...
It's a coffee mug that says, "MOM...a title just above QUEEN!"
So... the tree is up, there are no ornaments on it as of yet, but they will get there, maybe...
If not, it's still a wonderful life!
Now I have things to do, stuff to buy, cook, toss, fluff, cut, eat, find and hang...
I gotta run...
Talk to you soon!
God bless you,


deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

have fun with the rest of your decorating! :)

Farrah said...

How exciting!