Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's a wrap!

I was downstairs wrapping presents...Yes!  Wrapping presents!!!

For those who have known been related to me for any length of time, know how much I hate to wrap presents.  I hated it so much I would put it off until the last possible minute, "No, you can't come downstairs yet, Santa left all this work for me!"
Putting it off until after the stores closed on Christmas eve had it's pitfalls:  running out of tape (in the past I have been known to use masking tape, band aids, staples, electrical tape and string).
I have run out of name tag:  easily replaced with home made paper tags, writing on the wrapping paper with a sharpie, freezer labels, or my favorite, trusting my memory as to which package belonged to whom.  The latter resulted in MANY post opening exchanges.
Running out of wrapping paper was another pitfall
 (which is why I have an extensive collection now),
easily replaced by newspaper, paper bags, and of course,
recycled paper...saved from gift 1, ironed and used to wrap gift 2.
I found two things indispensable...those pre cut tape dispensers and a ping pong table.
Of course, there are a few gifts not yet wrapped,
a few not yet delivered,
 and a few on the table in my sewing room...but for the most part...
It's a wrap!
Now I gotta dash, got big plans for the day...
Go out and be a blessing to someone, I know I'm going to try!
God bless you,

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Farrah said...

Good for you! I learned how to wrap working at Cracker Barrel gift shop. Once I learned how and well, I started enjoying it. I put on a holiday movie on my computer and go to town. If I was there I'd do it for you or at least help.

Hope you have a great week!