Thursday, March 12, 2015


No pictures today, just words.  It's hard to imagine, but on this day, 40 some years ago, my first son, Michael was born.

I was too young to have a child, he was too young to have a young mother.  Somehow, the stars were aligned, the force with us, God blessed us richly.

I'm so proud of the man he has become.  He's handsome, talented, respectful and responsible. 
He's loving, caring and is a wonderful brother to the rest of the kids. 

I'm so proud of all my kids, but like I tell them, Michael must be pretty special since I had him first!

 God bless you, Michael, and may you live a rich and full life and celebrate many more birthdays.

I love you,


Farrah said...

Happy Belated Birthday! How old were you when you had him?

Jan said...

Farrah, I had him when I knew EVERYTHING there was to know. I was 18. I did everything backwards...I started my family at 18, started college at 30!

Incidentally, I was 37 when my last child was born...