Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Refuse!

 Even though the thermometer on my desk says it's 40 degrees outside my kitchen window...

Even though they are saying it's autumn...

Even though Andy and I had a detailed conversation about pulling the boat and docks for the season...

I REFUSE to admit summer is over.

I REFUSE to decorate for fall.

I am not giving up my grip on summer that quickly.

This was the best, most fun summer we have had in years!

No way!  You won't see colored leaves, scare crows or pumpkins here,

Not until October, maybe later. 

Maybe I'll leave summer things up until it's time to decorate for Christmas.

I'm thinking that we can wear winter coats and take the boat out.

Hand warmers, foot warmers and hot chocolate?

On the other hand...

Yes!  That awful awning is gone!

In probably 10 days, our new patio covering will be here!

Thanks to my guys!


Susie said...

Jan, I am so sad to see summer go. Even thought some days were spent inside as it was so hot out. I just do not want to say bye to the sweet long days of summer. So in about 8 months, it will start to be nice again. Be brave honey. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mari said...

I'm so glad to find a kindred spirit who is not embracing Fall! I hate to see colder weather and shorter days. I must admit that I caved yesterday and put out some Fall decorations.