Friday, June 26, 2009

August started with a BANG!

Michael, my oldest son, married the beautiful Catherine in a wonderful and elegant wedding in a lovely mansion in Pittsburgh.

Andy and Tony were Michael's best men, he said he didn't want to decide between his brothers, isn't that cute?

It was a wonderful time to get all four of my kids together for a photo...
And even one with spouses, fiancees and girl friends!
And one of our family!
For the most part, my children were on their best behavior. Vicky and Kailyn just had a momentary lapse of judgment.

Please indulge a very proud mother...and pretend like I didn't post a thousand photos of this wedding!

Michael left home when he was 20...just short of half his lifetime ago. Over the years, he asked me about pictures of himself when he was young. I used to kid him and say he could have them when he got married. After all, by time he was 30 and still single, I thought I was safe. That's how he and Catherine annouced to me that they were engaged...they asked for his pictures!

What a wonderful trip down memory lane that was!

Oh, and you are wondering about Bill? He's doing fine...bigger and better.
August also brought Tony's 20th birthday...
And Tony and Morgan went back to school, Morgan for her freshman year, Tony for his sophomore year. How quickly time flies!
We continued to enjoy the river...more and more each week! The kids never tired of playing in the water
Some days we had the whole family there!
Even my grand dog, Max, and my son-in-law went in swimming, some by choice...
It always makes me feel good to see my kids play together and be friends.
Everyone made themselves at home. My daughter didn't get off this innertube all afternoon. If she didn't have her second degree black belt, the boys might have knocked her off!
My grandson, JR, came home from spending the summer at his father's house in Virginia. Andy and JR have always had such a special relationship, can you see the love there?
I could have spent every waking hour on the dock. Did I ski or knee board? Heck no...THIS is my idea of summer heaven on the dock:
Are you enjoying this as much as I am?

The end of August brought good news for Andy and Kailyn. The house that they had been watching for six months, became available for rent. They were in seventh heaven!

You'd think, that since Andy is my third child to leave home, I would be used to it.


Tune in for September!

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Lucy said...

beautiful pics....I'm with you on the water thing...I'd rather sit by and stitch!