Friday, January 12, 2018

Hot Stuff THIS blog post, just a few days ago, I was moaning because it was -14° out there...
Yesterday, I had a 'personal maintence' day (mani-pedi, bought new razors, looked for spring/summer clothes that did not display my 'winter acquired' lumps and bumps), but best of all, when I got in my car, this is what I saw...

Do you see that?
I have a rule...if the temp is above 60° and it's not raining...
The top on the VW comes down!
This crazy old grandma was driving around topless!
Topless, I tell you, all before all the Christmas decorations have made it up to the attic!
Truly hot stuff.
As I sit typing, my desk thermometer says it's 54° out there (5:22AM)
but I hear that we are expecting a snow and ice storm (4 to 8 inches of snow)
tomorrow into Sunday...
Go figure!?!

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NanaDiana said...

Oh- you are so me!!!! I didn't know you have a VW convertible. That is what I am trying to convince my hubby that I want. The problem is the snow here. Right now I have a large SUV that is set for snow and hauling around grandkids. We had a small convertible that is only used summers but we gifted it to our son last year so that he can enjoy it while he is young with a small child and wife.

I do have a moon roof and guess what?! It was open yesterday, too Got all the way up to 48 here. lol I am nuts, too! We are at ZERO this morning with wind chill figured in-ugh---not going topless today!

Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana