Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Linda on the Road

Mark had a business trip and Linda and I decided to tag along. The first part of the journey was great fun for her: She filled up most of the back seat of a Honda Civic and barked at people when they dared to stop next to us at red lights!

We visited my daughter at the bank (there were no 'no dogs' signs on there, so we took a chance). Linda wasn't too happy to have to go in there, but she was fine once everyone made a fuss over her.

Lunch at McDonalds was okay, as long as no one got too close to her, but once we got to the hotel, she wanted nothing to do with the elevator!

She and I snoozed and surfed the 'net while Mark went to a meeting and then we hit the road again.

We found a great restaurant in Colombia, MD, THE CRABBY PIG that had a wonderful deck where dogs were allowed. The waitress even brought Linda a bowl of water. Mark and I had seafood soup (mine was crabby vegetable and he had cream of crab) that was to die for. We'll certainly go back there again, maybe even without Linda. I'm sorry we didn't have the camera with us then...she was soooo good!
Linda said to say good night...it's past our bedtime...
Oh, one more thing...is anyone on the 'friends' list for "OLD LADY KAY's" blog? I thought I was a friend, but maybe not? If you have her email address, drop her a note and tell her that I'm looking for her!
'till next time!