Saturday, August 31, 2019

I missed this...

Just pretend that I posted this on the appropriate day.  I thought I had it scheduled.

Today is...

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

to honor those beloved pets who have gone before us, 
who will be waiting for us when we get to heaven!

I found this picture...

Bill, Linda Lou and Arnie

Sadly missed.

Monday, August 26, 2019

A Birthday on National Dog Day?

I'm baaack!

Just in time, I might say.  I got home last night (way after my natural bedtime)

I had a wonderful week, 
More on that another time.

This is more important.

Happy National Dog Day to the two sweeties 
who wiggled and wagged their hearts out when 
they saw me come up the stairs last night.

I missed them as much as they missed me.

And of course, I couldn't let August 26 go by without two things:

To wish my youngest son a happy birthday
to embarrass the crap out of him by (re)posting this photo...

Mission accomplished!

Back in a day or two to tell you about my trip!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Whatta Week This Was!

Wow!  I can't believe it's been a week.

Where have I been?

Monday,  I had two fun guests...

First, our family artist...

Who also colored her goldfish crackers...

Accompanying her was her handsome brother!

That afternoon, Andy told us he had been working on a special project...
more on that later...

It took half of Tuesday to recover and bright and early on Wednesday
I popped in to sit with the kids at their house!

That's when I found out that Teagan has a little stool that she pushes around 
so she can climb on things...
dining room tables...
Kitchen sink...
Ashley's recliner
and the door knob to Locklan's room where he was asleep!

I kind of expected this when Andy sent me this photo a few days before...

I finally got to see what Andy had been working on...

He made Locklan a mini buggy out of an old lawn tractor!

Yes, it runs!

The guys had pretty special plans for this weekend...

They were going to an off-road mower event!

It was quite an occasion, they even had trophies
(courtesy of Andy)

Locklan was sooo excited to be able to drive his buggy through the muddy trails!

He hung out with the big guys...

I think they even put him to work!

He did have one mishap, though...

Buggy up a tree!

Meantime, Ashley and Teagan had a girl's day...

And we all know that an all-girl day means selfies!

Can you tell they are related?

How did I end my week?

Picture this...the 60th class reunion of an all boy Catholic School!

Mr. K in his youth...

Mr Math honors...
Mr. Perfect Attendance...
I can't remember the rest!

First time I went to a class reunion where they celebrated Mass.

It was fun!
 For Now, Mr. K is waiting for me to take him out to dinner.

Tomorrow is his birthday but I'm leaving in the morning for my happy place...

Thousand Islands.

If you see Mr. K out and about (in my VW convertible), wish him a happy one!

Monday, August 12, 2019

The Amazing Mr. K

When we were dating, Mr. K had a vast collection of recipes.

I am not sure he ever made many of them.

Other than breakfast food, I only know of two no three things:

Beef Barley Soup
Soup of errors.

The recipes for the first two were in the same cook book, on consecutive pages.

The first time he made chili (one of my favorites) it was delicious.

Next he made Beef Barley Soup,  It was heavenly.

The next thing he made was soup of errors...

It was awful!  He tried to make excuses, he was sure it was the beef, then the barley...
something was wrong.  He was explaining the mess to his youngest son.  Suddenly he had an was a bad can of tomatoes.

"Dad, there aren't any tomatoes in this recipe."

He solved the mystery.  

Mr. K, who has Sheldon Cooper like power of concentration,
simply turned the page half way through the recipe...

What we had was beef barley chili soup.

Call it what you will, it was so bad he didn't try anything for years.

Today we were watching Naturally, Danny Seo.  The guy was demonstrating how to cube a fresh pineapple.

Then he made a pineapple streudel.

Suddenly, Mr. K jumped up and announced he was making a pineapple streudel.

He began backing up the program and writing down the recipe
(Mr. K doesn't google things).

Next thing I knew, Mr. K and his grocery list was out the door.

More than an hour later, he came home and proceeded to spread things around the kitchen.

He asked a few questions (What is parchment paper?)

In 30 or so minutes...

No, it's not the most beautiful thing, but consider it is the first thing he baked besides microwaved baked potatoes...


I don't eat pineapple, I don't do bread.  I had to try this.  
It was good!

Way to go, Mr. K!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Whoda Thunkit?

Friday was one of those days...
I had a doctor appointment for a PRP injection in my knee...

I had hopes of spending some time with Locklan...

The doctor's office was packed,
I waited 45 minutes and  then the procedure took forever and an hour.

By time I got back in my car, it was pretty much too late to see Locklan, they had plans for the evening,
and I had a 45 minute drive home to boot.

I was pretty much bummed...

So I'm driving home...
Took my usual city route...

I turned the corner and walking down the sidewalk was a little girl, two women, one was pushing a stroller and one was leading a pig on a leash!

A pig?

A. Pig.

Not just any pig, but a spotted pig with pink toe nails.

The women were very friendly...

I was so shocked I don't remember the pig's name...

Whoda thunkit.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Mr. Henry is 9 Months Old!

It's hard to believe that 9 whole months ago,
that tiny little guy entered our lives...

It was pretty scary,
we cried, we prayed...

He's such a blessing.

Following tradition,
Here is the shirt I made for him to celebrate his 9 months on earth...

And here's a picture of him that I took recently.  He loved the pool!

Happy monthaversary, little man.

We love you!

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

On Saturday, Mr. K and I were eating dinner when I got a call from Andy:

Camp.  Tomorrow.  Boat leaves at 11.  Be there.  Bring your own sandwiches.

So we went.  We brought sandwiches.  Boat didn't leave until 11:30 but we left,
that's what is important.

We haven't used the boat much.  With all the high and very fast water,  crappy weather
and a damaged dock, we had to pull the boat out and
 keep it in the yard.

By time we got there, Andy's friend Cody had it hitched to his truck, ready to take it to the launch.

Once it was in the water...we were ready to load and leave!

First the sunblock.  Andy really knows how to grease those kids up!


Teagan wasn't sure she liked wearing a life jacket

"Uncle" Cody bought a new raft for us.

He got to try it out!

 Andy did his best to throw him off!

He finally did!

Locklan loves the water, so does Teagan but she likes to eat even more.  

We pulled over to have our lunch...

Andy jumped on...

Locklan brought his lunch and joined him.

He and Locklan had a ball!

Locklan spent an hour or so jumping off the boat onto the raft, pretending he was going out on a river rescue!

He rescued Cody!

And Dad!

Teagan loved the water!

She wasn't all that keen on the life jacket...
But she squealed and laughed when Andy dipped her into the water!

What a fabulous day!

 But the yawns started...

And the eye lids slowly closed...

And we headed for the dock...

Where Locklan declared he was starving...

Two hours later I got a text from Ashley saying Locklan, Andy and Teagan were still asleep.

She sent this photo...

What a day!

What fun!