Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dirty Boy!

I got this text message from Ashley the other day...
Doesn't like baths but got one anyway:
Made it to the bedroom and he pooped in his towel!
And then all of a sudden, he's happy!
Guess he wants to be a dirty boy?
What a stinker! 
When Andy was a toddler, we couldn't say the word 'bath' out loud or he'd be in the bathroom waiting for you.  He loved bath time.
When Tony was a toddler, on my way up the stairs with him I'd say, "Tony, it's time for a bath.  Why don't you get a head start and start screaming now." 
He did.
Kids, Grandkids, Husbands...I'm blessed!

Happy Chili Day!


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy birthday, BFF

Gotta stop right here, right now, and wish a very happy birthday to my BFF, Nancy!
She and I have been friends since Michael, my oldest son, and Gary, her son went to Kindergarten together...about 40 years!

We've been through a lot together...
But now we have a stranger than strange connection...
Her daughter, Annett, is married to Mr. K's son, Rick.
What does that make us?
Nancy isn't fact, she just sent her very first text a few weeks ago,
but if you see her, stop her and wish her a happy birthday!
Love ya, Nan!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Uncles With Cell Phones

Everyone was talking about how much Locklan looks like Andy, so Tony opened the ap on his phone to see if they really did look alike...

What do you think?
Now, we had a family breakfast at a local restaurant  planned,
 but since Mother Nature is up to her old tricks,
we decided to wait until next week.
I've got a new project started in my sewing room,
Mr. K will retreat to his office for a few hours...
And then we'll meet with a cup of tea in the family room
where we'll sit in front of the French doors and watch it snow,
watch the birds at the bird feeders
and wonder what those pesky squirrels are doing.
Maybe later Locklan will have his mother call to say he misses me...
There are days when it's so GOOD GREAT to be me...

Friday, February 20, 2015

Love your pet day?

According to the authorities at Holiday Insights, Today is Love Your Pet Day!!!!!
Of course, that goes without saying.  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love
Miss Linda Lou!
Around here, every day should be Linda Lou day!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two miles

Andy and Ashley live two miles from me.
Only two miles?
Two whole miles to their house...
They live with this...
Little guy...
They're probably hogging up all the baby smells. 
They probably sniffed all the good smell out of him by now!
Tuesday,  Ashley sent me this...
Wow, isn't he smart?  He probably knows how to get here...
but instead, they took him home to hang out with his pal...
and meet his dogs...
Today he sent me this picture...
and a quick text (he's sooo smart-must get that from MY side of the family)
He told me he gained an ounce since Tuesday morning!
He probably gets his weight gaining from my side too...
But he did say that I could stop in and see him today...
I asked what I could bring,
He said, "Just two arms and some love!"
I'm smitten!
(And yes, I am turning into one of 'those kind' of grandmothers...
Deal with it!)

Dogs are not allowed on the furniture

There is a rule in this house...


Will you please tell Winnie?

I feel bad for her. I know what it's like to be short. Unless she sits on the chair, she can't see out the front window.   Every  chance she gets, she runs in the living room and jumps up there. 

I can identify with that short legged woman...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We interrupt the baby show...

To show you where I've been hiding for a few weeks.
Remember, I told you I was behind this door...
and that I was working with this...
And I'm sure you thought I'd taken leave of my senses...
Work with me here...
For those who just got here, a brief lesson in family history.
My late husband, Mark (Andy and Tony's father), passed away suddenly
three years ago. 
Mark loved plaid cotton shirts.  Every day during warm weather, he would come home and change his business clothes into something plaid.
There were even times when he (purposely, to drive us crazy) overdid it...
After Mark died, I gave away all of his business clothes, but I saved every one of those shirts.  I knew that one day, I would use them to help the boys remember him.
The year after he died, I made Christmas ornaments for his siblings and the boys...
I kept every scrap.
When Andy and Ashley said that airplanes would be the theme of Locklan's nursery,
I had to search...and search...
for a way to use my precious stash...
I searched and searched for a pattern I could use.
Airplanes!  The wings are made of the plaid shirt fabric!
It was a top secret project.  Very few people knew about this...
I wanted a special way to give this quilt to Andy.
We had often joked about designer diaper bags, so when I found the Craftsman tool bag,
it was perfect and sooooo Andy,
I wrapped the quilt in tissue paper,  put it in the tool bag and took it to the hospital...
please forgive the blurry photos...Mr. K is a wonderful husband
but he sucks at photography!!
I think Andy was overwhelmed...
I think all of us were overwhelmed...
there was even a tiny scrap in there from a shirt that belonged to Mark's dad...
How fitting that Mark should be the one to give him wings.
God bless baby Locklan!
God bless you!



Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Last night...

Last  night, Ron, Tony and I went to visit Locklan.
We pretended, at some point, that we also went to see Andy and Ashley...
But we all know the truth, don't we?
Tony wore his special Uncle Shirt...
And was meet his nephew...
And he did!  I think they got along quite well...
Locklan also got to meet Pappy...
Better known as Mr. K...
But most important, he got to see Granny Jan again!
and spend a little time with some of his very favorite people...
The time went by way too soon,
but it was time to leave...
I gave Andy a very special gift
(in a very special, manly diaper bag)
AKA a Craftsman tool bag)
More about the gift later...
And then Locklan and his dad...
Settled in.
They need to rest, there are lots more family members to meet!
Now I'm sure you are wondering where Ashley was during all this...
She didn't come right out and say it,
but I think that if I had pointed the camera towards her with the intention of posting them here...
I would lose my status as her favorite Mother-in-law!
I'll catch up with you guys later!
For now, I have to catch my breath!
God bless you,
Granny Jan

I'm in...anyone else?

March March Dash
Saturday, March 14, 2015 | North Park Boathouse | Allison Park, PA
The March Mad Dash is Saturday March 14, 2015!

The March Mad Dash 2015 shirts are here!

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The March Mad Dash is a 5K, 5 Mile and 10 Mile running race/fun walk on Saturday March 14 at the North Park Boat House and lake area in Allison Park, PA (a northern suburb of Pittsburgh).

Photos by Madia Photography
Slideshow script provided by Dynamic Drive
Proceeds from this event support teens helping others through service projects on a local and national level.
Middle school youth volunteer during the summer with with The Pittsburgh Project, completing home repairs for those in need.
Senior high teens are often found repairing damages from natural disasters in places such as Louisiana, New Jersey and Colorado.
Adult mentors guide students in becoming mature adults with a heart for service as they teach practical repair and building skills.
St. Paul's United Methodist Church Youth Reach, Inc.

Check out the March Mad Dash on Facebook!
Please take a moment to visit the sponsors of the March Mad Dash on the sponsors page!
Contact Information
Race Director: Sandy McKnight
(412) 585-2361

Monday, February 16, 2015

And Baby Makes Three...

Introducing Locklan David...
All 7 pounds, six ounces and twenty inches of perfection...
Locklan and parents are doing well.
I popped in this morning to meet him.  Can't wait to go back this evening to hold him again.
Babies are such a nice way to start a person, aren't they?

Joyous text

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Guard dog my foot!

Long story short...The house Mr K and I own once belonged to the late pastor of my church and his wife.  Most Sundays, Pastor Panther would regale us with tales of the invading hoard of squirrels in his neighborhood, complete with pictures. 
Week after week, we heard about their thievery, disrespect and gluttony. 
Everyone loved the stories.
Both Mr. K and I love to feed the birds.  At one point, Mr. K said to me, the squirrels are fun to watch, let's feed them too.
That was a dumb suggestion.  No need to feed the squirrels.  They are so brazen, they probably come in the house when we are asleep and drink our wine and eat our cheese and crackers.  Usually, Linda ignores them.  Not so the other day...
She noticed a squirrel out on the patio.  The squirrel was oblivious to the big dog looking out at him.
Suddenly, he looked up and came over to the French doors...
Linda started barking at him. 
He decided to peep in the window to see what was making all the noise...
It was a stare down. 
He put his little hands paws up on the window frame...
Linda barked again and turned and looked at me as though she was saying...
"Now do you believe Pastor Panther?"
She walked away...
And her little friend just kept looking for her...
I'm going to go and lock up the wine and cheese!
Love you!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hey, wanna see my new grandson?

Yeah, so do we...
Ashley claims he's in there...and with the weather as cold and snowy and blowy as it is,
I can't blame him for staying put...
But enough is enough. 
What do you think Andy's saying to him?
How about, "Locklan, come on out... If you were a library book you'd have to pay 10¢ a day for the last three days...You owe us 30¢.  Come out soon?"
Or, "If you don't get here soon, Grandma Jan is going to drive us crazy?"