Sunday, December 27, 2020

We Got Some!

 We got snow!  I love snow!

First Andy and Ashley came over to use my front yard...

And then decided to be more adventurous and headed for the state park...

First Mr. K thought he'd shovel out the drive...

But he quickly realized he'd have to get out the snow blower...

Yes, he's wearing shorts and tennis shoes without socks...

Henry loved it...

In fact, last night Mindy sent me a video of Tony,
wearing pajamas and a winter coat, pulling Henry up and down the sidewalk
on his sled...

Catherine sent me this picture of Michael...

I kept looking out at it...

All I could say is it's about time!

I love snow!

Today we're heading to Tony and Mindy's for brunch.  It's 22° out there.
Compared to what we've been having, it's a heat wave!

Stay warm.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Not Sure What to Call This...

As usual, Christmas at Redsock Mama's house was unpredictable to say the least.
Michael and Catherine came first, bearing gifts.

Henry got a drum!
That wasn't bad, it had a pleasant sound but since my tree was on the clapper...
Yes, it was off and on all evening!

Teagan and Henry, who are best friends, shared!

It was a musical evening...
The little kids got slide whistles...

Locklan got a harmonica...
He loved it!

Then he became a one man band!

He also got a watch and announced the time every two minutes!

I got Teagan a 'dancing dress' and ballet shoes...

Every time someone asked her to twirl she did...
complete with a 2.5 year old's version of an arabesque.

But the best part was Grandma Jan's special gift...
I decorated 5 gallon buckets...

I made one for Henry and one for Locklan and Teagan...

And put 50 indoor snowballs in each...

How long do you think those snowballs stayed in the bucket?

It wasn't the kids, it was the adults!

I didn't get many pictures because once those snowballs started flying,
I was laughing too hard!

Seriously, I was not looking forward to Christmas for the first time in my life...

But I prayed that I would be okay,
and I was...

Everyone was out of here by 8, they predicted freezing rain and snow,
and we got it.

On Friday, Ashley sent this text:

In case anyone is wondering, we still have ballet shoes on
and we are still using the harmonica and 
announcing the time every minute!

Mr. K and I planned to sleep in and stay home on Christmas...

I didn't sleep in but we did stay home.

But it's all good.  Back to reality soon.


Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Don't Drink This!

 My printer got stuck.  Really stuck.

I rarely print things, the last time I used my printer was June 2020.

I needed it again last week.  It did not work.  There was a job stuck in the que.

It had been there since June and would not delete.

I tried everything!  Finally, I decided to replace it.

Did the new printer work?  No, and the instructions made me thing I  might not 

be the sharpest pencil in the box...

One of the first instructions I read:

CAUTION:  Ink contains nitrates.  Do not drink or place in the mouth.

Now, I got to thinking...

Aren't there nitrates in hot dogs?

Forget the printer, I'll just write with a hot dog.

On the other hand, it snowed!

It's still snowing and I'm loving it!

Mr.K, maybe not so much...

Yes, he's wearing shorts...

Monday, December 14, 2020

I'm Really Trying

 I've been trying to get back to blogging, I really have.

The hard part is that I like to talk about my day, what I have been doing...

These days are filled with my mom.

Her estate, bills, insurance, condolences and questions...

Last week I spent three hours with our attorney, who also was a high school classmate.

I spent one whole day tracking down papers and records.

I spent one whole day with my brother, packing up the kitchen.

I used to call my mother every evening, chatting for an hour...

It was easy, this is not.

Moving on...if you have been here for any length of time, you know...

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year!

I love Christmas so much that I offered to send my kids to their respective in-laws

for all other holidays just so I could have my entire family together for Christmas eve.

It's been a tradition in my mom's family as long as I can remember.

We cleaned and mom and my aunts baked.  We decorated and planned...

We sang, oh did we ever sing!  We waited for the nightly news and 

the announcement that Santa was in the area!

This year, this might be the first time we won't be doing this...

So many things standing in the way...

Hit me like a ton of bricks...

I can't wrap my head around adapting...

My gifts are bought, not wrapped.

My decorations are finally down from the attic but not unpacked...

Teagan and Locklan came yesterday and decorated the tree,

Oh my, what a mess that is!

It's in the middle of the living room floor.

Only one tree...

Only ONE tree!

One tree must mean it's almost Christmas...

If you have read this far, here's a reminder that even though we're all nuts, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Back soon.

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Read Me a Story

Last week Mr. K and I were invited to have dinner with Tony and Mindy
and of course, Henry!
After a delicious dinner, Henry got out the books...

First I had to read a book about hockey...

Then Pappy had to read The Hungry Caterpillar which I think Henry had memorized.

He is so smart and so funny...
Grandma Life, I love it!

I did find out how to keep Teagan and Locklan busy...

I gave them each little lighted magnifying glasses.
Locklan dragged a stool into the middle of the living room
and kept finding things to 'investigate' 

It kept them busy for at least 20 minutes.
Considering they are 2 and 5, that's amazing!

And of course, there is always Teagan's hair...


Did I mention that I love being a grandma?


Tuesday, December 01, 2020


Yes, I've been gone a long time. Getting sick in October really knocked the shit out of me.

Long after I was no longer sick, I had no energy.

At the beginning of November, I realized my dogs can't tell time.

They did not understand that what they THOUGHT was 5:AM, which was pretty okay by me,

was now 4:AM which was why I was sitting on the love seat drinking coffee at 4:30 when my phone rang.

It was the emergency room doctor telling me that my mother had been brought in via ambulance with severe stomach pain (remember she had three emergency surgeries in four years for twisted intestines) and that they did a CT scan and found blockage. They felt that it was more that they could handle on a local level and wanted permission to transfer her to an acute care hospital.

Within two hours, I had spoken to two surgeons and the anestheologist. All three told me that without surgery, she would die. I gave permission.

Two hours after that, I got a call from a third surgeon who told me that her entire small intestine was dead and that her blood pressure bottomed out and her heart stopped. They did get her heart beating and told us they would TRY to keep it going until we got there to say good bye.

I called my kids, my brother and her pastor. There were nine of us in all.

About 3, they took her off the ventilator and we stood around her bed, telling "Toots" stories until she took her final breath.

Funny thing, my mom was 89, had multiple health issues, each more serious that the last. Every day for the past three years, I wondered if this would be the last day for her, yet it was such a shock when it finally happened. She was raking leaves the day before!

I'm still in shock.

On the other hand, Locklan and I had a conversation about death. He was impressed that Grandma Toots now lived in heaven and was all better but he wished he could see her just one more time.

I thought that was sweet until he explained that he just wanted to see her with all the strings on her.


Yes. He figured that God had to tie people down so they didn't float away.

Out of the mouth of babes.

So that's where I've been. It's been a tough year but there were certainly good things happening.

I'll come back and share them. Soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Let's Clean Up!

 I know that I have so much to talk about

but I'm still playing 'catch up' after being out of commission for all that time...

But I want to keep in touch, and I want to share my family...

Now I don't know if you know, but I'm a Norwex junkie!

Just before Ashley was going back to work and I was going to watch Locklan

My neighbor introduced me to the products that would clean your house with just water...

No Chemicals!

I fell in love.  I had a crawling baby...I didn't want chemicals on the floors!

It took a while, but little by little Ashley fell in love with them too.

She's now a consultant, which means we own at least one of everything they sell...

But seriously, after 5 years...

She posted these photos...

Now I don't know about you, but if I found a 'magic' cloth that would make my kids want to clean...

I'd buy two!


My boys were very helpful around the house.

Once, when my dad was in the hospital, his pastor said the would stop at the house for coffee.

Before leaving for the hospital, I wrote a note for the boys...

"Pastor Jeff coming.  Please do not leave your dishes in the sink."

That afternoon I came home to find the sink full of shoes and the dirty dishes on the floor beside the back door...

Kids...and you were wondering why I stopped at 4?

Okay, time to get busy...

Love to all...

Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Missed You Guys!

 I know it looks like I dropped off the face of the earth...

I did not.

So much going on, from Mama Drama (issues with my mom)

to getting really sick and chalking it up to stress (it was not)

to fearing Covoid (I was tested negative)...

My life was almost normal for a bit, and yesterday was one of the high spots.

Remember this day?

            Henry's big announcement?

Yesterday was even more exciting...

Remember this?

When Tony hit that golf ball that revealed Henry.

Since Henry loves to golf, yesterday he got to hit the gender reveal ball...

Yes, Henry's brother will be here in March.

Needing a nap, talk to you later.

Love ya!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

I Refuse!

 Even though the thermometer on my desk says it's 40 degrees outside my kitchen window...

Even though they are saying it's autumn...

Even though Andy and I had a detailed conversation about pulling the boat and docks for the season...

I REFUSE to admit summer is over.

I REFUSE to decorate for fall.

I am not giving up my grip on summer that quickly.

This was the best, most fun summer we have had in years!

No way!  You won't see colored leaves, scare crows or pumpkins here,

Not until October, maybe later. 

Maybe I'll leave summer things up until it's time to decorate for Christmas.

I'm thinking that we can wear winter coats and take the boat out.

Hand warmers, foot warmers and hot chocolate?

On the other hand...

Yes!  That awful awning is gone!

In probably 10 days, our new patio covering will be here!

Thanks to my guys!

Friday, September 18, 2020

A Pillow, A Clapper, Alexa and a Pressure Washer...

I'm a bad sleeper!

Getting things together for a good night's sleep has taken me two years!

I need white noise but do not want to hear it before I am ready to sleep.

Alexa to the rescue!!!

I like to sleep on my side but don't want to wake up with a crooked neck.

Side-sleeper pillow to the rescue!

(It did come with the travel pillow that I will probably never use)

My last problem was that I like to sleep on my right side, facing away from my night stand.

More often than not, instead of rolling over to turn off the light after I read a bit, 
I would fall asleep with the light on!

A few days ago, I remembered that my mom bought my dad a clapper 20 years ago.  

I wondered if they still sold them...

Amazon, I love you!

I have been sleeping in what I consider a perfect storm...

I even slept in today!  
That never happens.  Usually, for one or many reasons, I force myself to stay in bed until 5AM.

Now, if you are wondering if I took the pressure washer to bed...

NO!  these guys,

Came this morning and our house exterior is sparkling clean!

I'm a well-rested happy camper!

Thursday, September 17, 2020


 So much happening.  Not today, but in the next few weeks.

Tomorrow the guy is going to come and pressure wash our house.

He will be there at 9AM so we have to move everything off the patio.

Easy for someone half our ages, time consuming for us.

Yesterday the guy from Bright Covers came to double check all measurements

for our new awning.  I'm so excited.  Can't wait to see that Sunsetter gone.  

I have hated that thing since half way through the first year!

Yesterday morning I got a call from Locklan.  

He wanted to tell me that he didn't feel like going to school.

A few minutes of pep talking and he was fine.

Yesterday Teagan had her first Kindermusik class.  She loved it!

She called it school and danced around the house to show us what she could do now.

She stayed with us while Ashley ran errands.

She's a hoot.  She kept putting a pair of pants on her head and shouting, "Can you hear me?"

I rode with Ashley to pick up Locklan after school.
Locklan was so happy to see me.

Ashley dropped Locklan and me off at my house.
Locklan and I had a dinner date.

We went to his favorite restaurant, the Chop Shop
 so he could get macaroni and cheese with bacon.

I didn't realize he was such a flirt.

This restaurant has an open kitchen and we were seated next to the dividing wall.

He asked servers what their names were,
Told one that he really liked her hair 
and commented that one of the cooks with long hair and earrings was a guy!

All that chattering and he managed to join the clean plate club!

I have such fun with this guy.  We're going to do this more often.

On the home front, Mr.K managed to make a burger and not burn the house down...

And I slept good last night!

Stay safe!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


 Normally my Tuesdays are busy and tidy.  

First thing, the lawn guys come and do magic on our (probably never recovering) lawn.

Then, about when they are pulling out, the cleaning crew shows up.

I spend the time while they are zipping around downstairs, right up here, either at my sewing machine or my computer.  Again, very tidy timing

Then, at precisely 1:00, every other week, I head to the nail salon to have my claws primped.

Dinner is usually something simple and then by 8:30 or so, I facetime with Henry and fall asleep.

All neat and tidy!

Yesterday, the lawn guys came...they were here 21 minutes and when they left, the lawn looked presentable.

When they got here, I headed up to piece some quilt blocks.  I found some Halloween fabric in my stash over the weekend.

I chain pieced the whole time they were here...

without bobbin thread.😠

Then the cleaning crew called.  While I was on the phone with them, Mr. K let the dogs out.

They cleaners would be late, They always get here by 9:15,

They weren't going to be here until 1:30!

Then pandemonium struck...

They guys came to fertilize the lawn.  Coop up the dogs.

I headed up to fill the bobbin.

I got ready to head out for my nail appointment.

I reminded Mr.K of two things.

1.  I had two prescriptions that needed picked up

2.  Instacart was delivering groceries between 3 and 5.

I double checked my appoinment card.  Yes, it was my usual 1:00 time.

I got to the nail salon and Kimmy, my gal, looked confused.

Yes, I had a 1:00 but she forgot to put it in the book.  Could I come back at 2:30.

It's times like this that I am thankful that I never leave home without my Kindle!

I did wander into Michaels for a spool of fall ribbon.  The first I have been in a store since March.

I spent $40.

Called Mr. K and suggested we eat out.  He agreed.  I was starving!

Nails done, I stopped in to see Teagan and Locklan for a few minutes,

we made arrangements for me to spend time with the kids today.

Got home, Mr. K had lined the groceries up on the counter.

I made coffee and sat down to read the paper.  It was now 5:30.

I asked about my prescriptions.  Mr. K looked at me as if I had grown another head.

He jumped up and headed out the door.  He forgot.

We finally got to the restaurant at 7:15.

ZZZZzzzzzzzzz  by time I got home...

Got to face time with Henry...

Henry, like his father, is obsessed with golf.

Keep in mind, Henry is 20 months old...

And this is what he does when he is not doing this...

Yes, he's at the driving range.  He's using one of Tony's clubs that Tony cut down to size.

I do have the cutest video, but can't get it to upload!

Okay, it's 5:53 AM and I have a 6:AM limit.  Time to get things done..

Here's hoping for a calmer day for me...

And a great one for you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Can't Believe I Said That!

 I just walked up to my office/sewing room...

I just had an upsetting conversation with Mr.K.

I said something to him that I never wanted to say.

I said, "I'm freezing!"

It's close to noon and it's only 61 degrees.

I'm getting ready to go out for a manicure.

In a way, I'm pretty's hoodie season.

By the way, I sewed for 20 minutes, chain piecing all the way...

With no bobbin thread.😠

On Saturday evening, we took a boat ride.

Tony took these...

I love them, hope you enjoy them.

Mask up, y'all!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Locklan's Big Day!

 Last Saturday most of us headed for the river...

Andy and Ashley decided they were headed Lernerville, our local dirt track.  

For their back to school special.

They had both school bus races and kid's bicycle races.

Locklan, who is usually the least competive kid,

entered the bicycle race...

He came in third!

Congrats, champ. Grandma Jan is so proud of you!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Grandest of Grands...

 I know I've been AWOL for far too long.  Soon, I'll talk about it.

For now, let's talk about my grand grands!

Locklan started kindergarden...

Teagan came to spend the day with Grandma...

Henry  went to the driving range...


Henry made this announcement...

He's going to be a big brother!

All that and some crap is filling my life...

Missed you guys!

Friday, September 11, 2020

We can't forget

 Back tomorrow