Monday, March 30, 2020

Grow Your Own Pizza!

On Friday afternoon Tony sent me this and asked if I wanted Mindy to pick one up for us.

I said yes (even though I don't like pizza).

She came an hour later with our 'grow your own pizza' kit!

I just tucked it in the fridge...

But they jumped into it. 

Tony sent me a video of Mindy tossing it in the air...

And on the other side of the room...

They said it was very good...

Mine is still in the fridge.  


Stay home, stay well, stay safe!

PS our re-refrigerator is scheduled for tomorrow...

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Here Comes the Rainbows!

Yesterday Ashley Face Timed me...

The kids were making Rainbows...

Quarantine Rainbows!

I asked Locklan if he would make me one.

He said no, that he would teach me how to make one.
That way I'd have a rainbow any time I wanted one,
I could just make my own.

Even though we face time,
Even though Mr. K is entertaining at times,

I miss those kids!

Stay safe, stay home.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The Hardest Part...

 Social distancing almost doesn't bother me...

I am pretty much a homebody.

I don't mind staying home, not going shopping.  I even almost don't mind eating at home...well, more on that another time.

What bothers me the most is social distancing when it comes to these guys...

I'm used to seeing  them often

My own kids have been so kind...

I do get to visit the grands every day via face time.

Last night I even got to watch Henry take his bath!

Almost but not quite the same, 
but I'm trusting it's all worth the sacrifice.

Oh, want to see what the kids were working on?

Ashley dropped them off on our porch!

Stay home.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tuesdays Aren't All Bad!

I can't believe I said that!

But it seems to be rather true...

Mr. K and I realized that we might need a few more supplies because we were going to be house bound for a much longer time than we originally thought.

Since our local grocery stores were reserving an hour in the mornings strictly for senior citizens,
we made plans to go.  The hour started at 6:AM!

Mr. K NEVER gets up that early.  The last time he saw life before 8:30 AM was when he fell out of bed!

I woke at 4, took a wonderful bubble bath, posted yesterday's blog, got dressed and was reviewing my list when Mr. K rolled out of bed at 5:30.

It took him 15 minutes to get ready and we were out the door.

The parking lot was pretty busy...

I never knew that there were that many elderly early risers in out area.

I was a little intimidated.  I had been in the house for more than 10 days...

Everyone was so respectful.

They maintained social distance, and respected the store's limits on special items.

The line was sooooo long but they had extra registers open and it went quickly.

Everyone kept their distance but chatted and joked with each other.

I just wanted to dance around the store singing "We are the world..." but I can hardly walk let alone dance...and the dogs howl when I sing.

Stay home.  If you must go out, practice social distancing.   Heck, Mr. K and I, who live in a ten room house, are practicing marital distancing!

We are responsible for our fellow human's health.

We are the world...'s some sweetness...

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

This is the Best!

Our ice maker broke!

I thought of buying a counter top ice maker.

Mr. K said why not buy a whole new fridge!

I didn't let that thought leave his head...

As soon as we knew Ashley was okay, we headed to Lowes.

I know, we never learn.

Bob, the salesman was so helpful!

I guess we weren't thinking when he asked what width fridge we needed, but we were thankful that he asked.  We went home to measure the opening.

It was 33" and the fridge we liked was 36.

Back to the drawing board!

The next day, we went back to Lowes where a very nice sales person named Jenny 
spent more than an hour on the computer looking for a fridge that filled every requirement:

Four Door
Through the door ice and water
Fingerprint resistant stainless Steel
33 Inches wide.

She found it!

She checked and even went to the stock room to be sure.
They had three in stock!


As she wrote up the sale, she explained that if we wanted the old one removed, it would be $30 but if we wanted it moved to the garage or basement, there would be no charge.

She also told us that the delivery guys would call at least 2 hours before they came...
and that if we wanted, they would put the old fridge in the garage.

We were excited and set up delivery for Tuesday
Because I never learn.

In my defense, Tuesday is my only free day...
I have Locklan and Teagan Monday, Wednesday and Friday
and other regularly scheduled appointments on Thursday.

Tuesday morning, I was sitting in my pajamas, drinking coffee when I mentioned to Mr. K
that I thought they would be here by then.

Ding's the fridge guys who insisted that they talked to one of us that morning.
We checked both phones and even though there was no record of a call from them, they insisted.

As I scurried to empty the fridge, they asked if they were taking the old one.

We told them no, that it was going to the garage, I was giving it to my nephew.

They told me that they didn't do that.

We stood our ground and then they agreed to take the old one to the garage.

They brought the new one in and told us to turn off the water.

Ten minutes later, the cleaning crew came and of course

They did what they could, dusting and sweeping and they left.

45 minutes later, the installers called Mr. K into the kitchen...
Jenny, had ordered the wrong fridge, she ordered the  36 inch model!

It did not fit in the hole!

I had a wonderful, new fridge in the middle of the kitchen.

They shrugged.  They had done
 their job, delivering and installing.  

They said to call the store.

Oh, and then they charged us $30 for moving the old one.

But Wait!

Mr. K went to the store and found that a comparable fridge in 33 inches was $800 more...
but it's only money, right?

But wait!

The new one wont be here until April!

So once again, I'll share cuteness...

Monday, March 23, 2020

Why I Hate Tuesdays...

Last time I talked to you, we had Tuesday faucet woes...

The plumber was late.

So were the cleaning crew.

The plumber was leaving as the cleaners were pulling in.

I was a happy camper to be sure.  

A good Tuesday.

The following Tuesday, mom called.

John, a dear friend for 63 years, a classmate and Mom's neighbor died.

Beginning to dislike Tuesdays.

The following Tuesday, I had just gotten into bed when Mom called.

She was in severe pain and vomiting profusely.

I'm an hour away! I told her to call 911 and I'd meet her at the hospital.

Diagnosis:  Intestinal blockage.  Possibly in need of surgery.
(in a few days it resolved itself)

Tuesdays suck!

The very next Tuesday, Ashley (my DIL), who has a history of back surgeries,
couldn't get out of her car, she was in that much pain!

She ended up in the hospital for a few days.
She's doing better now!

See why I hate Tuesdays?

I think last Tuesday was crazy, but I need to get some things done before Mr. K wakes up.

I promise I'll tell you tomorrow.

Since this entire post was whining, why don't I share a little cuteness?

Talk soon!