Friday, September 30, 2011


After more than a month of dealing with computer issues, I (the cheapest most frugal) woman alive finally went out and bought a new laptop.  A shiny new laptop with a screen as big as a drive in movie, a keyboard that will acommodate long nails and speakers that will wake the snoring beast that sleeps next to me...

I'm excited!

While I was out there shopping for a few specific things:  jeans that fit me, jeans that made Mark look like he did not just fall off the turnip truck, a coffee maker and a camera bag big enough to hold all the photographic equipment I will probably never use since I have a love affair going with my latest zoomer, I realized that a new laptop was a necessity if  I was going to blog ever again.

So here I am, typing away while I am trying to gather my thoughts together so I can tell YOU where I've been and what's new here at the House on the Hill as well as all the news from The river.  (Note, the 'r' in river is not capitalized since Andy claims that THE RIVER is the St. Lawrence and as much as I love the Kiski, it just can't compete with THE RIVER!'s so good to be back! 

Good grief, am I rambling again? 
See you soon,