Friday, January 08, 2021

Bucket Listing!

 Every Christmas, my mom and my aunts would spend a day or two making perogies.  Tons and tons of them...Every surface in the kitchen was covered with either roasting pans (remember the blue/black ones with speckles?) full of perogies or perogies in process.

We were not allowed to eat them until Christmas eve!

Do you know how difficult it was to be an 8 year old carbohydrate addict knowing there were hundreds of perogies lurking somewhere in the house and/or garage?

I think I was more excited about the perogies than I was about the impending arrival of Santa!

Finally my mom and aunts would bring out the perogies and melted butter with onions, diced so tiny, floating in it.

We ate...and ate...and ate...I remember the butter dripping off the fork and onto the table.

I think I remember my eyes rolling back in my head in pure bliss.

Too soon, the table would be cleared so we could sing and dance...

And before we knew it, it was time to go home so Santa could come to bring gifts!

And then it was Christmas morning!

 "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The gifts...yeah, they were on with breakfast!

Yes, Christmas morning breakfast was leftover perogies with that magical butter...

What memories.  No wonder I was a fat kid!

Why am I talking about this today?

Because I was blog surfing, following links when I came upon this...

The world's largest perogy in Glendon, Alberta Canada
 (population 493 give or take)!

Every year they have a perogy festival that doubles the population of the town for a day...

It's on my bucket list!

Wednesday, January 06, 2021


A few weeks ago, Andy sent me a video of a man welding.

I recognized the surroundings as Andy's 'man cave' and assumed it was Andy.

We bought Andy his first welder when he was 16 and he's been welding ever since.

His welder is to Andy as my Bernina (sewing machine) is to me...

At the end of the video, he lifted his hood and to my surprise, 
It was Locklan!

Andy said he spent the day welding
 (or whatever you call it when they weld-after all the new thing to call someone who sews is sewist, not sewer, should I call him a weldist?).

Locklan later told me that he made me a present.

On Christmas eve, he proudly presented me with this...

A Basset Hound!

He did admit that it's ears were too small, but isn't he amazing...

He's not even 6!

Creative genes or crazy genes?

Did I mention I love being a grandma?


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

We Got Them Going!

Back in July I got a kick ass deal on digital photo frames...

So I got everyone one, even me!

During the holiday season, they were the farthest from our minds...

But Mindy being Mindy, she's always busy, as soon as her tree came down 
(Mine is still up), she started loading photos into hers.

Henry LOVES photos, especially of him, but he loves Teagan and Locklan too.
So it was a huge hit with him...

He even talks to it!!

I got a text from Ashley...

Her kids were fascinated as well!

Of course, I had to set mine up too...

Now last year I bought my mom one but since she didn't have internet access, you had to load the photos into hers...

Ours has wifi...we can send pictures to each other's frame.

Oh what fun!  Mindy got to see Tony's second grade picture!

Simple pleasures...


Monday, January 04, 2021

Good Riddance, 2020!

On New Year's Eve, 
Ashley sent me these pictures...

The kids were painting their 'balls' for the countdown!

Every hour they would lower their balls on this display
until it reached 9:PM, New Years, or so it seemed to two kids who get to bedbefore 8 every night!

When the clock struck 9, Ashley gave the kids each 
1/4 can of ginger ale in these fancy glasses.

They never get sugary treats.
Andy said that even though it was an hour and a half after bedtime,
Locklan had what we called the zoomies.

Grandma? Not so much.  I think I was asleep before they were.

All's well that ends well...

Happy New Year!