Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day

Going to high school during the Viet Nam war,
I probably said some things in front of my father that I should not have said, about
armed forces,
military presence,
and war.
But in my case, with age came enlightenment.
I hope he realized that.
My father served our country
With pride...
For his family...
and for the family he didn't have yet.
For me.
Although I have many friends who are veterans,
although I lost a few due to war...
My dad will always be my favorite!
I sure miss him!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I've been away...

We took a little trip!
More about that in a day or two (after I find my camera)...
But for now, we're home, we're tired and happy to see the pups...

I'll say it again: we're tired...
So, for today, we'll just rest...
Talk soon?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chicago is where you find...

Mr. K had a convention in Chicago this summer.

Since I had never been there, we decided to fly in a few days early and explore the town; then I would fly home early while he stayed for his convention.

Chicago is an interesting place..
we took the Chicago River architectural tour, which was fascinating...

well worth the price of a ticket!

I had heard so much about the Navy Pier, I couldn't wait to see it.

Turns out, it was interesting, had great food too!


They must have known Ron was coming.

He did not have lobster but they did provide him with a lobster bib...

We really wanted to visit the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), but they told us there was
AT LEAST a 2-1/2 hour wait to get on the elevator.

They suggested we try the Hancock tower, which is about 300 feet shorter, but at over 1,000 feet,
who's counting?  The views were spectacular!

The Willis tower has the ledges where you can walk out over the city.
The Hancock tower has Tilt...

Where you lean against the window and they tilt you out over the edge!

We did not do it, and after watching person after person back away from the window,
it was just as well!

My favorite two things were walking to the Tortise Club to hear the Mark Burnell Trio.

Mark is my cousin, we hung out a lot when we were kids.
We even had the same piano teacher!
I think his parents got more bang for their buck!?!

We met my Cousin Jerry and his wife, daughter and son-in-law there.

Jerry was another one of my favorites but I haven't seen him in years.  He's an attorney in Chicago.

Sunday morning, Mark picked me up at the hotel for Church.

He's the pianist at Gorham United Methodist Church and afterwards, we all headed for
Pegasis Restaurant for some wonderful Greek food.
Jerry and his wife, Cathy, met us there.
Of course, it was time for a photo op.  As usual, we forget and hand a camera to Ron...
who hasn't taken a clear photo in his lifetime!
 That's Jerry on the left, Mark on the right.
I loved Chicago (had to leave the next day)...
and I loved spending time with family even more!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Pumpkin Patching...

Tony and Mindy love to take Locklan on adventures.
Last weekend, they were taking him to the local pumpkin patch and invited me to go too!
It was so exciting for him (and of course, us too)!
He seemed amazed at the pumpkins...
They had so many...but Mindy and Tony couldn't wait to take him to the corn pit!
They had a huge section of the barn filled about 2 feet deep with dried corn.
All you had to do was dive in!
We had a blast!
I tried to photograph him, but he was on a mission...
They had a slide set up on one end...
Mindy and Locklan had such fun there...
Uncle Tony and Locklan loved it!
A few weeks ago, Locklan saw a girl doing cartwheels and he's been trying them ever since!
He would have stayed there all day, but then he saw the tractor ride!
He couldn't wait!
The tractor took us out to the pumpkin patch...
Locklan couldn't decide which pumpkin to carry around!
Until he found one that made a handy seat...
There were animals that needed petting...
And his very first pony ride...
He loved the displays...
And ran from one to the other...
And finally it was time to go home. 
I bought him a little pumpkin to hold.  He seemed to like it!
He was still awake when we got to my house
 but by time Tony and Mindy unloaded my huge pumpkin...
THIS is what was going on in the back seat...
Later that night, he managed to entertain everyone when we met for dinner...
Last week, Andy had to run some errands and of course, Locklan went with him.
They invited me!
Locklan loves the holiday displays (even though it's way too early),
But we did find something that was appropriate.

He had a ball!
What a love bug!
You can't imagine how much I love that little guy!