Friday, April 15, 2016


You should never leave containers filled with bird seed on your patio overnight...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Look what I can do!

Locklan is now 14 months old, getting bigger, faster, smarter and more fun by the day. 

He jabbers constantly. Last week he began saying, "Hi, Shirley!"

He' been reaching for the door knobs for a while but wasn't quite tall enough-until this morning when he figured this out: 

Time for a mani-pedi!

On Monday, I lead Winnie, Tony's basset hound, into my car...
I lied to her.  I told her we were going on a great adventure!
Truth is, we were on our way to Beth's Pooch Parlor to get her nails trimmed.
Winnie HATES to have that done...
I felt so guilty, after we left Beth's
(no photos of that...Winnie was not the most gracious client)
We  headed right for...
Cheeseburger land!
She wolfed down her burger but did graciously allow me
 to remove the pickles before I gave it to her...
Was I forgiven?
But when her Daddy came later, she allowed him to comfort her...